In the month of Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, Muslims in all parts of the world will fast. This service lasts for one month and is performed from sunrise to sunset. As well as being an opportunity to increase worship services, this month is also the right time for fashion retailers to sell their products, especially towards Hari Raya. Even though they have great potential, business people in the clothing sector also need the following success tips in order to gain a lot of profits.


1. Have an entrepreneur mindset

To be able to run a fashion business smoothly during the fasting month, of course, the first thing you need is to have a mindset as an entrepreneur. This means that you have an understanding of how your business works. Besides that, you must also have curiosity and high dedication to contribute.


2. Adapting to fashion trends

As in other special moments, clothes sold ahead of Eid also have certain trends. Therefore, you also need to adjust the products being sold with those that are currently becoming trend. This certainly helps you to attract the attention of customers. For example, currently the emerging Muslim fashion trends are clothing with vibrant colors, pastel colors, and monochrome.


3. Special seasonal products for Hari Raya

In addition to adjusting to trends, you can also present the latest products that are seasonal. This means that these fashion products are only presented at the moment of Eid this year. Buyers cannot get it on other occasions because the product edition is limited. In this way, fashion entrepreneurs can display their brand more clearly.


4. Use effective communication methods

As a business actor in the fashion sector, it is very important for you to recognize the unique value of the brand. This needs to be implemented through appropriate means of communication. Show the characteristics of the brand that you have and explain briefly why customers are required to buy clothes at your place of business. For example, you use branding as a local product or an environmentally friendly fashion product that supports the empowerment of rural communities.


5. Offer a variety of fashion packages

Another way that you should also apply to increase your profit during the fasting month and Eid is through selling products in one package. An example is the Muslim girls’ dress package which consists of a long dress and a head scarf. To show your concern for customers, you can also provide masks in the package.


6. Hampers of Muslim clothing and prayer tools

When Eid Al-Fitr, usually your customers don’t just buy clothes for themselves. It could also be, the products they spend are gifts that will be given to the people closest to them. Now, to increase customer satisfaction, try providing hampers making services that can be filled with Muslim clothes or prayer equipment.


7. Selling clothes on an online platform

Along with the increasingly rapid development of information technology, business actors also need to make adjustments. If in the past you only relied on physical stores, now you can try to create an online store for your fashion products. So that you and your customers can transact safely, quickly, and easily without having to meet in person, make sure you use a business solution from Cashlez!


As one of the most sought after needs when approaching Eid al-Fitr, the fashion industry needs to be managed effectively. Because in order to grow, you don’t only need to rely on what you have, but also the willingness to get out of your comfort zone. 

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