The spread of the Corona or Covid-19 virus has a major influence on various aspects of human life, one of which is economic activity. At present, many MSMEs who are affected and forced to adjust business activities with social restrictions. For example, such as closing dine-in services for a while and only providing a delivery system for each customer who wants to place an order.
Changes in service at the place of business certainly makes it difficult for business actors to ensure all business affairs run smoothly. For example, you cannot always come to a business place because you have to limit physical contact. This will certainly make it difficult for you to monitor sales figures at the place of business. But fortunately, we are now helped by technological advancements.
During this time, many business actors have decided to keep managing the business manually because they do not want to increase their costs. Whereas for emergencies such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of technology is very important. Moreover, not all business management products are expensive! You can also actually use Cashlez, which provides a cashier application free of charge, a card reader, and a sales report feature. In the midst of a pandemic, Cashlez will help you through the following advantages.
Send digital proof of payment to customers
To reduce contact and the risk of Corona virus spread, of course you are expected to not deal face to face with customers. However, this does not mean you do not care about customers. You can stay professional through the digital proof of payment alias e-receipt feature from the Cashlez App. So after making a transaction, you can send proof of payment via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Delivery of digital proof of payment received by your customers You can also use to collect customer data. So, if later you have a certain promotion, you can directly share to them.
Transaction using online payment or virtual payment
In the process of buying and selling, surely you and your customers also need to trade. Well, in the period of Large-Scale Social Restrictions aka PSBB as it is today, you can take advantage of the remote payment feature in the Cashlez App. These features are Cashlez Link and Virtual Account Artajasa (ATM-B). Through the Cashlez Link feature, your customers can make payments via their debit / credit card based on the link you sent. Meanwhile, to use VA Artajasa, your customers can make payments from various banks.

Monitor business performance anytime and anywhere
Cashlez provides a reporting dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere. On this dashboard, you can monitor the progress of your business, how many sales you can make in a day. In addition, through this feature, you can also arrange settlement schedules. So, you don’t need to worry if you forget to do settlement. This reporting feature you can use for free after you register your business and join the Cashlez Merchant. The steps are easy! You can click the following link!
As a business partner today, Cashlez exists as a solution for businesses. Especially in difficult times like now, businesses certainly need to change various buying and selling activities. Through superior features of Cashlez, all activities such as monitoring business, transacting with customers, and sending proof of payment can be done from your own home without the hassle of meeting customers. Cashlez, Your Partner Forever!
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