What does creativity mean? In general, it is an act of creating new things which are innovative and fresh. When we use our creativity, we will be able to transform our ideas, dreams, and imagination into reality. Besides, being creative also allows us to discover new ideas, see the hidden patterns, and connect the things that are usually not related. So, how do we develop our creative skill? Do we need to create some art works to enhance this ability? Of course, we all are creative just as we are. This time, Elly Erlina, the Creative Designer of Cashlez shares how she uses creativity as an essential skill in her daily life.


In a workplace environment, being creative helps you to adapt quickly. Before joining Cashlez in January 2019, Elly was responsible for creating marketing and communication materials in a fashion retail, digital agency, and water tank company. So when she has started her career in Cashlez, there have been many things which are significantly different to her former workplace. “At the first time, I was unfamiliar with the fintech industry, so I have started to view things in new ways. It makes me able to generate new possibilities to deliver Cashlez’ products and services through visual contents. Besides, I also feel so lucky for being surrounded by the inspirational colleagues which not only provide a family-like environment, but also open to discuss new ideas,” said Elly.


Elly also believes that being creative helps us to achieve our work life harmony. Splitting her 24 hour day can never be easy for this full timer who is also a mom of two. However, she tries her best to enjoy every moment before it turns into memories. “I become a colleague, a friend, and a creative designer from Monday to Friday, while on weekends, I change my role into a mom. It is my obligation and responsibilities as an individual to do my best for my loved ones,” Elly added. Despite the demanding routine, she hopes that every working mom should not forget to enjoy her time, too. For her, it is necessary to know when she needs to be alone without work and kids.


Being a working mom is harder than expected. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything to enjoy a happy life. As long as we keep being creative, there will be various ways to solve our problems. How do you use your creative skill in your routine?


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