The Corona virus outbreak that emerged since the end of December 2019 has become a pandemic that also impacts restaurant entrepreneurs. Not a few restaurants that must be closed for a while to reduce the risk of spreading this virus. And as a solution, there are also many culinary entrepreneurs who only provide delivery service, not allowing visitors to dine in.

This change in lifestyle did not only last for a pandemic. Because after the pandemic, restaurant owners must leave the old ways when serving customers. The following five things are also predicted to appear in many restaurants so business owners can run their culinary businesses effectively!


Apply security and hygiene protocols

The application of physical distancing will continue. Therefore, the tables will be arranged with a greater distance. In addition, hand sanitizers will be provided in the corners of the restaurant to maintain hand hygiene. More restaurants will replace family servings with individual portions. This is required to anticipate the spread of the virus that occurs through contact when enjoying food in the same container. When making orders, waiters may also be equipped with masks to ensure food hygiene.


More improve efficiency

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses only provided delivery services. Hence, restaurant owners do not recruit too many staff, just entrusting a few people. This habit will continue after the pandemic. The process of preparing food, making menus, to packaging orders will be arranged more efficiently. And when restaurants already allow customers to eat on the spot, there are also fewer staff employed. Each staff also has a definite role, for example to cook, to serve orders, and deliver orders when someone orders via online.

Continue to maximize delivery and booking services via online

Since there are social restrictions, culinary businesses usually exclude dine in services. So, customers who want to order food or drinks can use the delivery service. This habit will continue after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. Then, business operators will also increasingly maximize service delivery, either by recruiting courier delivery orders or in collaboration with delivery service providers.

It is not as crowded as before

The Covid-19 outbreak makes our habits change so we have to adjust to a new normal life. That is, the restaurant manager cannot arrange the dining tables like when a pandemic had not yet occurred. The dining tables must now be arranged so that they are farther away from each other. Then, visitors who come to eat at the place also not as much as before. This is because people still anticipate the risk of Corona virus transmission.

Utilizing technology as a payment and business management solution

QR-based payments, digital payments, and online payments will dominate the payment system in restaurants. These three types of payments are a new solution to reduce physical contact when making transactions at the cashier. There will be more and more businesses that rely on technology to manage business and deal with customers. Therefore, innovations such as the cashier application from Cashlez are the right choice to run a post-pandemic restaurant business effectively.


The Corona virus pandemic will indeed pass, but these difficult times have changed various aspects of our lives. One of them is managing a business digitally and providing payment options without face to face in order to avoid the risk of exposure to the virus.

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