Many prospective business owners are interested in opening a franchise because the system is simple. They don’t need to think about many business strategies and can directly start their own businesses. However, there are things you also need to know about franchise!


  1. The business system is already available, but you also need to manage capital wisely 

If you are just starting to start a franchise business, then you need to pay attention to how you manage capital. This will determine the results of your efforts. So, make sure you use the capital for things that are priority, for example, such as the supply of goods or production equipment. In addition, you also need to be smart in utilizing technology so that your business can be managed easily. Now, you can use the Cashier Application from Cashlez which can be downloaded via the App Store or Play Store.


  1. Like any other business, a franchise business also requires you to be independent!

As a person who buys a franchise , you will indeed get all your needs for doing business, ranging from equipment, products, to promotional material in the form of banners or banners. However, keep in mind that the development of the business will depend on your own business. You can not just run it without having any strategy to attract the attention of potential buyers.


  1. You need to follow the parent company’s sales system 

Compared to opening your own business, opening a franchise business is easier because you already have equipment and sales products from the franchise provider . However, you can’t run your business in your own way because you need to adapt it to the franchise provider system . A simple example is in terms of product stock. The parent company has of course set a minimum number of products that you can order.


  1. There are trainings that you may need to attend

In the world of franchising, you really can’t run a business instantly. There are things you also need to learn so that if the company does the training, you can’t miss it. Usually, there are two types of training to be carried out, namely mass training at the parent company site and individual training, where company staff will come to your place to provide training.


Have you considered a plan to open your own franchise ? Make sure all the preparation is clear!

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