If you have a restaurant, cafe, or food stall, you certainly will have a big role in the management system. Therefore, you must understand everything, from simple things to complex things. In addition, you also need to provide services that can support the success of your culinary business, such as providing a delivery system for customers who do not have time to eat at the place.


Basically, delivery services can indeed be found in various places. However, every business owner that provides this system also needs to adjust the way services are provided. This is because the delivery system has terms and conditions, for example, such as a minimum number of orders, distance of orders, up to the time span provided for delivering food. Well, all these things also need to be understood by the staff at the restaurant so you can count on them when you are unable to come to the restaurant.


After determining what the delivery system is like along with its terms and conditions, another thing that is also important for you to do is provide training to staff. If you don’t have much time to do it, you can train one or several trusted people first. Then, then you can ask them to help other staff. It is required to train staff, depending on how much expertise needs to be mastered, such as cooking skills, serving food, and sending orders.


To determine whether your staff has successfully passed the training period, you can apply several assessments. For example, such as seeing how they greet customers, double check whether the menu they prepare is in accordance with the order, and ensure that food is neatly placed in the package so that there is no risk of spilling and mess when delivered to the customer’s address.


You can do training for staff on a regular basis to ensure staff can work according to your business operational standards. This will also help you to evaluate whether the quality of your service is in line with customer expectations or needs to be improved. Good luck for your delivery system!

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