Antonius Sakti Wiradinata

How can complex ideas and information be elaborated in the industrial field? To make the reader understand products clearly, we need to use technical writing as an effective communication strategy. Unlike creative writing, which is expressive or persuasive writing that is appealing, technical writing tends to be straightforward and tells people clearly about a topic, whether they will decide to use that brand’s products or only become an audience.


Technical writing is generally required in various aspects, such as sales engineering and information technology, where all organization members require high-quality documentation. There are numerous documents considered technical writings and datasheets, and troubleshooting documentation. A technical writer intern at Cashlez, Antonius Sakti Wiradinata, shared how he developed communication skills through his first internship experience at Cashlez’s IT Department.

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Learning Opportunities for IT Students


As an Informatics Engineering undergraduate student, Wira decided to take the technical writer intern opportunity. Through this program, he learned how to create documentation about FrontEnd, BackEnd, and many more. To start his task, Wira used to operate Docs, but now, he also explores other tools, such as creating better documentation.


From Wira’s perspective, the learning process of technical writing will become effective when he enjoys it. "When you do something you love, it will take a shorter time to master it. In Wira’s case, he needed about one week to adapt to the situation. Visual Studio Code to create document HTML and Javascript-based websites. Besides writing, he also focuses on organizing, editing, and preparing information for various IT projects.

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Supports and trusts to grow

An undergraduate student who becomes an intern like Wira not only obtains practical skills in the IT industry but also practices his soft skills. At Cashlez, the team that frequently works with him is the IT Development Team. This team is involved in product development that will be adjusted based on each user’s requirements.


The first time he joined as an intern, he was impressed by his supportive work environment. The IT teammates and the Leads are open to discussion and willing to help him. This positive work culture motivates Wira to be more confident and try new challenges.

Wira and his colleagues from The IT Department

Bring the impacts of the digital era.


A career at Cashlez is Wira’s first internship, where he engages in financial technology service. In the digital age, the products from Cashlez provide solutions for business owners to optimize their payment systems, while Cashlez encourages using cashless payment methods for society. Moreover, business owners can also provide Cashlez EDC Machine to accept credit/debit card methods.


As a part of the IT Department team, Wira feels fascinated to join every development project, such as a project related to the Operational and Financial Departments. He believes these projects encourage him to explore the IT industry more. The documentations he prepares are beneficial to save the readers’ time and money.


Being a technical writer means more than creating a detailed report. One must also prepare a clear communication concept by considering the message, channel, readers, and resources. This opportunity also deepens Sakti’s curiosity about technical communication in the IT Industry.

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