Customers are the most important aspect for business development. Therefore, business actors will take various ways to increase customer satisfaction. You see, the higher the level of customer satisfaction, the more likely it is for customers to keep shopping at your store.


One strategy that is often used by business actors to build good relationships with customers is through reward points, which are points award programs that are given to customers every time they make a transaction. Later, these points can benefit them from the points they collect, such as discounts, direct gifts, and cashback. Besides customers, you can also benefit! Check out the explanation in the following description!

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1. Improve communication with customers


When you provide a rewards point program, you will communicate directly with customers. Therefore, the communication process can be more effective. Through this program, you can not only provide information about the latest promos, products and services, but also understand customers and find out what they need. Every time a customer makes a transaction, you can see sales data, for example through printed receipts or sales reporting.


2. Know customer trends


The Rewards Point program makes it easier for you to collect customer data. You see, when customers want to take part in the Rewards Point program, they must register. From this data you can segment target customers, for example based on strategies for online, offline and omnichannel sales. If you can make offers to the right target customers, then you can get satisfying sales results. Through the rewards point program, you can understand your customers more quickly.

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3. Increase customer loyalty


As we know, every business actor must certainly try to attract potential customers. However, you also shouldn’t miss strategies to maintain good relationships with customers. You see, compared to the cost of attracting new customers, it will cost you less to maintain good relations with customers. So, reward points can be a solution to maintain good relations with customers while ensuring they keep shopping at your store. Meanwhile, for customers, participating in point rewards can make them feel added value to the products they buy.


4. Attract the attention of potential customers


It turns out, it’s not only customers who have shopped that you can approach through rewards points. Prospective customers can also become interested when they know the benefits of the points given. Some examples are getting discounts, getting instant prizes, and getting exclusive services that only rewards point participants can get.


5. Reducing promotional costs


Once you understand the customer category you want to reach, then you can make promotions more effective. So, you don’t have to spend too much money without knowing what the results will be like. Apart from that, you can also save time because you don’t have to bother figuring out what type of promotion needs to be run. And of course, you can quickly convince potential customers and build their loyalty.


The reward point program that you are holding is not only made to attract the attention of customers, but also to build your business reputation. Moreover, the reward point system is also not complicated because each point earned is calculated based on the number of transactions. So, have you planned to implement this system yet?

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