As we know, the trend of online shopping continues to increase along with the development of information technology. Moreover, the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced people to limit physical activities, has also made this trend even more developed. Reporting from, data from Bank Indonesia shows that e-commerce transactions grew by 19.83% on an annual basis in the first quarter of 2022.


Although online sales trends can be a factor in maximizing business revenue, it turns out that opening an offline store is also an important factor in increasing brand awareness as well as sales figures. You see, offline shopping will provide a different shopping experience. Let’s find out what are the reasons your customers still like shopping offline through the following reviews!


1. Convenience in returning goods


After making a transaction, sometimes customers return to your store to request a return of goods, for example because there is damage or a discrepancy. When customers shop offline, they can immediately return to your store and contact the customer service team. Returns of goods can be done immediately, unlike when they shop online which requires a longer process because there is delivery time.

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2. Improve customer satisfaction


When there are customers who visit your place of business directly, then they can meet directly with you and your staff who really understand the product specifications. So, they can do a consultation to find out which type of product is the most appropriate for them. For example, if you open a pharmacy business, then you can provide recommendations to customers regarding which drug is the most suitable based on their needs.


3. No need to wait


The most obvious difference between shopping online and offline is the time it takes customers to get the product they ordered. If your customers place an order online, then they have to wait for the goods they ordered to arrive at the destination address. Meanwhile, customers who come directly to the store can get the goods they want easily.

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4. Get help from shop staff


Another reason that also makes your customers still like shopping offline is because it is easy to get help from store staff. You see, when they come in person, store staff can directly direct customers who want to shop. Of course, they will also provide important information for customers, one of which is promotions. In addition, customers can also get convenience when transacting when you provide the Cashlez Application, a business application that can provide various payment options.


5. Try the item you want to buy


If you sell fashion products such as dresses or shoes, your customers can visit the outlet directly to try the fashion products they want. So, they can immediately know whether the product fits and is comfortable when they use it or not. In addition, customers can see directly the color of the product which of course will be adjusted to their taste.


6. Enjoy shopping time


Basically, offline shopping isn’t just about going to a store and getting what customers need. You see, your customers can also take advantage of shopping time together with their closest people, ranging from partners, children, to friends. Hence, shopping time can also be an option for customers who want to relax after a busy routine.


Following the trend to deliver services online is important. You see, you can reach target customers that you previously couldn’t reach. However, you can also grow your business through an offline store that customers can visit. In addition to seeing directly the products you sell, they can also interact more easily and ask questions about the products they want to buy.

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