Digital transformation that continues to occur in today’s era certainly makes business actors, including enterprises inseparable from the use of technology in their business, such as financial technology that provides payment solutions. Of course, in the midst of these technological developments, there is a significant factor that you must always prioritize, namely the customer experience.


In fact, improving the customer shopping experience is indeed a challenge. You see, every customer must have a tendency to shop that is different from one another. If you want to provide the right service, of course you have to understand the habits of your customers as a whole. Well, to increase customer satisfaction in the digital era, you can use the following three tips!


1. Listen to your customers

Listening to customers is one of the crucial things to increase customer satisfaction. You see, a business certainly aims to provide solutions for customers. So, businesses also need to receive feedback from users of their products and services.

To be a good listener, there are various ways and approaches you can take, such as conducting surveys or providing customer service. Thus, customers can easily express opinions on the business, products and services provided by the enterprise.


2. Make the customer experience more personal

If you want to build a good relationship with customers, then taking a personal approach is the right solution. The reason is, you can’t generalize every customer. And through this stage, customers will feel more valued and understood.

To increase customer satisfaction through a personal approach trick, start by asking customers to create their profile on your business CMS. From there, you can see a customer’s shopping tendencies.


3. Approaching customers

One of the advantages of running a business in the digital era is the opportunity you can get to interact more intensely with customers. In fact, during the current pandemic, this approach can still be done through platforms such as social media.

In other words, the presence of an enterprise on a digital platform is necessary. Moreover, the number of customers who interact with you affects the quality of the content you present. In addition, you also need to ensure that your business website can be accessed easily and quickly.


Through increasing customer satisfaction, it is not only customers who benefit. You as a business actor (enterprise) can also improve the quality and image of your business.

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