JAKARTA, 21 July 2021 – The Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred since 2020 has brought many changes to various aspects of life. Significant changes have occurred in people’s behavior from conventional to digital. This also encourages technological disruption that requires society to adapt, especially for business actors.


The reason is, during a pandemic, many business actors were in suspended animation or even went out of business. Therefore, there needs to be an adaptive effort to maintain business in these difficult times. Among them by utilizing social media as a means of promotion, expanding reach by joining various e-commerce platforms, and implementing a non-cash or digital payment system.


Based on the VISA study, 85% of business people have changed their way of doing business towards digital, where 43% sell goods and services online, 39% accept non-cash payments and 38% carry out promotions on social media. Likewise with consumers who 85% choose non-cash payments for shopping.


“According to a Fiserv survey, cashless payments globally increased by 33%, while cash payments decreased by 38%. In Indonesia, non-cash payments are increasing every month, recorded from Databoks, as of May 2021 digital transactions have grown by 23.66 trillion rupiahs compared to May 2020 which was only 15.03 trillion rupiahs. This means that the trend for digital payments will continue to increase," said Suwandi, CEO of Cashlez at the "Post Pandemic Trends: How Business Needs to Adapt" event held by Bank OCBC NISP in collaboration with Cashlez and Alodokter virtually, Wednesday (21/7/21 ).


Suwandi revealed that Cashlez is here to meet the current needs of business actors. Cashlez as a payment gateway provider provides a system to authorize payment processes from buyers to sellers and Cashlez as a payment aggregator facilitates various transactions, enabling sellers to accept various payment models without having to create a separate account with a bank or each payment service provider.



Apart from payment options, Cashlez is also equipped with a dashboard that helps in the sales reconciliation process, such as sales reports, customer details, voids and transaction refunds. So the seller doesn’t have to bother in the reconciliation process & even the buyer doesn’t need to re-confirm after payment. Especially for transactions using credit cards, Cashlez has fraud detection technology that functions to prevent payment fraud.


“The pandemic has emphasized the importance of digital payments and strong payment infrastructure for digital financial service providers in Indonesia to continue to assist businesses and consumers in making transactions. Going forward, according to the VISA survey, 74% prefer to continue making non-cash payments even after the pandemic has ended.” added Suwandi.


For this reason, Cashlez is committed to continuing to innovate in developing its products and services, both in terms of cashier applications, payment receipts (credit/debit cards, QRIS, e-money, Virtual Accounts, installments) and funding in collaboration with banks.

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