Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, there are many things to be prepared. Some of these include going home, buying Eid clothes, and preparing pastries as a meal when gathering with family and friends. Therefore, it is not surprising that before this special moment, the demand for various types of products also increases. So, which types of businesses are usually "flooded with orders" before Eid? Find out the answer in the following explanation!

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1. Parcel


Even though it was affected by the pandemic that emerged in early 2020, the parcel business is now starting to rise again. Usually, parcels are included as one of the most sought after items before Eid. In fact, not a few parcel shops are still open on Eid al-Fitr to meet customer needs. There are various types of parcels that are usually offered, ranging from snacks, syrups, to cooking utensils.


2. Car Workshop


After two years of refraining from going back to their hometowns, now people can get ready to let go of their longing for their beloved family. Of course, one of the things that should not be missed when planning to go home using a private vehicle is making sure the condition of the vehicle is maintained. Therefore, car repair business owners must also be prepared for the arrival of many customers ahead of Lebaran Day.

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3. Car Rental


In addition to going home using private cars, not a few people also rent vehicles from car rentals. Well, if you have a car rental business, there are several important things to consider, namely the car engine and applying clear rules to the tenants. Then, also make sure you have used insurance on the cars you rent.


4. Pastries


Do you often make various pastries? The moment before Lebaran can be the right opportunity for you to collect the coffers of money. To make it more interesting, you can also offer the pastries in the form of hampers. Usually, prospective buyers will buy these hampers to give to those closest to them.


5. Muslim Dress


In order to look prime when gathered with relatives and closest people on Eid al-Fitr, not a few people are looking for Muslim clothes. So, those of you who have a business in this field must ensure that the products you sell can follow fashion trends. Meanwhile, to maximize sales, you can place online ads.


6. Tourist Attractions and Hotels


In addition to going home, people can also travel to tourist attractions and hotels during the Eid holiday. Moreover, this year the government has also set a joint leave for Eid al-Fitr so that people can enjoy a longer holiday. Even though it has great potential for the Lebaran holiday later, business owners of tourist attractions and hotels must still ensure that health protocols are strictly implemented.


7. Souvenir Shop


You could say, the gift business is one of the businesses that is predicted to increase during the holidays. You see, in addition to going home or traveling, travelers and tourists can bring souvenirs typical of the area visited. Nowadays, gift shops also present a variety of variations to attract the attention of buyers.


8. Meat and Ketupat


As a typical Indonesian dish on Eid al-Fitr, ketupat is of course also much sought after by buyers. There are business owners who offer ketupat along with side dishes, but there are also seasonal business owners who provide ketupat skin. Besides ketupat, meat, which is one of the raw ingredients for a typical Eid menu, will also be sought after.


As one of the most awaited days, the Lebaran moment also provides many opportunities for business people to increase their sales. Therefore, you also need to ensure that the quality of the products and services provided is maintained. To make the payment process practical, use the Cashlez Payment Gateway which has a variety of non-cash payment options, from credit/debit cards, Virtual Accounts, to PayLater!

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