Is your business which sells furniture or electronics low sales? That means, you need to provide installment program as a solution so that your potential buyers are interested in shopping at your place. Until now, the installment program has become a popular program among buyers, because through installments, it is easier for them to get the goods and services they want. In facet, not only the buyers are helped by this facility, but you also can get the following conveniences.

1. Fast submission process
Now, customers can apply for installment easily. They just need to complete some required information, such as salary slips, Resident Identity Card (KTP) numbers, and application forms. Therefore, you also need to ensure that the customer is also 18 years old and above. After all data is complete, you can directly sell your product to the customers.

2. You sell more products
Without an installment program, you will have more difficulty selling the goods or services. Not all prospective customers can issue a large enough budget in one transaction. But if they are allowed to pay for your product several times in a certain period, they certainly won’t mind.

3. Transactions are 100% safe
The installment method that you offer to prospective buyers is a safe method. There is a separate institution that will manage this installment process. If you become a Cashlez Merchant, you can use the installment feature to your customers with low interest. So, both sellers and buyers will be benefited.
4. The program has been set
Because it has been managed by a financial institution, the installment program is also fixed. It means that your customer must follow the payment system he has chosen. When using Cashlez, you can offer the customers to choose the installment system within 3, 6, and 12 months. So, you no longer need to ask them pay the remaining installments.

It is true that installment is a win-win solution that bring benefits for you and the buyers. So, don’t forget to offer this facility to potential buyers who visit your place!
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