Photo Description: Non-Cash Transactions with Cashlez at Sarinah

JAKARTA, April 13, 2022 –
PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk. (Cashlez) with the stock code CASH has started operations in facilitating non-cash payments in Sarinah which has been opened since March 21, 2022. The first modern shopping and retail center in Indonesia, which has been transformed into a Community Mall, provides a stage for the work of the nation’s children, especially the creative community and tourism stakeholders who are already connected to the digital ecosystem.

Suwandi, President Director of Cashlez
said,“Cashlez and Sarinah have the same vision, namely to develop MSMEs and make them improve. Cashlez as a payment gateway in providing various payment methods, both offline and online, commits to providing the best in facilitating MSME payments in Sarinah. Currently the most payment methods used by Sarinah customers are credit and debit cards.

Fetty Kwartati President Director of PT Sarinah said that the end to end business model and Sarinah’s transformed business ecosystem are expected to reach consumers and visitors both online and offline. “The retail business through the marketplace is growing exponentially. Therefore, digitalization is a necessity, even though the shopping experience is still in demand by the public. Moreover, Sarinah completes the shopping space, with social space, cultural space, virtual space and style room. This is a form of transformation and manifestation of Sarinah from a department store to a community mall.” she said.

The role of MSMEs in the national economy is very significant because MSMEs contribute 60.3 percent of Indonesia’s total gross domestic product (GDP). In addition, MSMEs play a role in absorbing 97 percent of the total workforce and 99 percent of total employment. The role of digitalization as an enabler of national economic growth will be more significant in the future, increasing the capacity of entrepreneurs and community creation innovations, especially in the creative economy sector. On the other hand, digitalization provides a deeper understanding of consumers (consumers’ insight) which is the most fundamental factor in any business.

As is known, Sarinah is now able to accept various non-cash payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, QRIS, Virtual Accounts, and PayLater which are members of the Cashlez ecosystem. In addition, in the future, this transaction will not only be carried out in offline stores, but also on the Sarinah e-commerce platform.
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