The number of online buying and selling activities make most of us think that virtual stores will replace physical stores that exist today. So, will the retail industry, which mostly opens outlets in various branches, also experience the same thing?

According to Barbara Thau who wrote to Forbes, retail businesses basically still need a physical store. This is because customers are more likely to buy retail goods when they visit a store than when they only see these products through a website.

On the other hand, retailers who used to only sell online are now starting to open physical stores. This is done as a strategy to combine sales systems directly and remotely. The more ways retailers do to promote their products, the easier it is for them to maintain their business in the midst of intense competition with other retailers.

When we talk about the future of the retail industry, there are a number of things we need to consider. For example, as technology advances that create replicas of various products so that customers can imagine product specifications in more detail. So even though they did not have the chance to see the goods to be purchased directly, customers still get the same shopping experience as when coming directly to the store.

Meanwhile, in terms of payment, retailers can also provide convenience so that their customers do not need to queue at the cashier when they want to make transactions. At present, there is a Cashlez payment service that can be integrated with systems in retail stores. Through Cashlez, buyers at retail stores can choose various payment methods, ranging from those using debit / credit cards to payment using QR codes. Not only that, online retailers can also take advantage of the Cashlez Link feature so that their customers can pay through the links sent by businesses.

In the midst of the many online stores that have arisen, not all businesses can leave their physical stores. Customers still need a memorable shopping experience, especially on some products such as clothes, cars, and gadgets.

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