During Ramadhan, many business people have succeeded in increasing their profits compared to usual, including online businesses. There are various products that can be offered through online stores, for example such as pastries, Muslim clothing, worship equipment, and Lebaran parcel. Even though online business in the fasting month offers promising opportunities, the success is still determined by you as a business owner. So, you have to prepare yourself and use the right strategy to sell until Eid. Here are the ways to do that!
Provide relevant products
There are various products that are generally sought after during the fasting month and Eid. Some of them such as catering services, food for breaking the fast, pastries, and equipment for worship. Well, so you can attract the attention of many prospective customers, it helps you also offer products related to the needs of the fasting month and Eid al-Fitr.
Ensure Availability of Goods
Although the number of requests for goods in the market has increased, the number of your competitors will also increase. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself by ensuring that all the items you offer are available and can be sent directly to the customer. That way, customers can immediately transact without the need to wait for you to get stock of goods from suppliers. If you can’t do this, then your customers can move to find another seller. To ensure the availability of goods, you can do two things:
a. Using a reseller system
If you implement this system, then you need to buy products from resellers in large quantities. You can then offer these products to your customers. To use this system, you can work with one or several trusted resellers.

b. Implement a consignment system
To do this, you need to gather a number of suppliers who will help you ensure the availability of the goods. Through this system, you will share the sales equally with them. So, if there are goods that are not sold out, these items will also be returned to the supplier.

Which Marketing Strategy Do You Want to Use?

After you ensure the availability of goods, it is time to prepare the right marketing methods. You can use various media as promotion, for example like social media. In addition to posting, you can also place advertisements so that these posts are seen more and more by social media users. In addition to using advertising, you can also use the services of influencers who will promote your efforts to their followers. Try to look for influencers that are related to your business. Examples include using beauty influencers for make up and skin care products.
Manage finances appropriately
Finance is a very important element for the continuity of your business. Do not let, you mix the use of money for personal needs and for business purposes. Although this may seem simple at first, this habit can actually make it difficult for you to monitor your business finances. In addition, you also need to ensure that all of your business operational needs are fulfilled.
Create an attractive website or social media display
If you have not been concerned with the appearance of your online store all this time, then you should start changing. Display that is not attractive certainly makes people easily bored when looking at your store catalog. From now on, try to reorganize the website design and social media profile of your online store. Also adjust the design with the current theme, which is Ramadhan.
If managed properly, online businesses have the potential to provide promising benefits, especially during the fasting month like today. Don’t forget to provide Cashlez Link and VA Artajasa (ATM-B) features from Cashlez so your customers can pay more practically without meeting face-to-face.
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