Have you ever heard that a small capital business cannot make big profits? In fact, this assumption is not true, because the amount of capital is not the only factor that determines the success of your business! Many successful business people start their businesses with minimal capital, for example like Bob Sadino. Hence, a business whose capital is only 1 million can produce promising profits if you pursue it well. These 8 business opportunities can be your inspiration to get started.

1. Various breakfast menus
Many Indonesians are routinely packed so they don’t have time to prepare their own breakfast. In general, they arrive on time to work or school, so they need to leave early. Well, this is your chance to provide a variety of breakfast menus that they can bring without the hassle of cooking.

2. Snacks
Who doesn’t like snacks? Not only children, adolescents and adults are happy to enjoy a snack in between their busy and at leisure. Therefore, various snack businesses can be an option for those of you who want to do business with minimal capital, for example, like selling cassava chips or various fried foods.

3. Become a dropshipper
Dropshipping today is no longer a side business, because in reality, there are many dropshippers who are successful in running this business. Although you do not prepare capital at all, you can offer a variety of products to prospective buyers. When there is an order, then you contact the supplier to send the product ordered to the destination address.

4. Women’s accessories
Women in general are very fond of accessories, such as necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. This is what makes you can try the women’s accessories business by offering a variety of products. You can also provide two sales systems, which are ready stock and pre order within a certain period. Don’t forget to also utilize social media so that your products reach more and more potential customers.

5. Pre-order T-shirts
The clothing industry has indeed become one of the business industries that is always in demand. There are various types of businesses in the field of clothing that you can try with minimal capital, one of which is the pre-order t-shirt business. Through this business, you can first show examples of t-shirt designs and information on the size and material of t-shirts. After that, you can offer them to take pre orders.

6. Printing services
If you have a computer or laptop, you can open your own printing service. This business is quite promising, especially if you open a business near the school or campus. There are many students and students who will use your services to print their assignments.

7. Various pastries
Do you have a hobby of making cookies? Your interest on this one can be used to start your own business with little capital. Because in the beginning, you can offer a few cookie jar first. Then, then you can open orders for pastries to interested customers.

8. A variety of fresh drinks
In addition to snacks, today’s society is also often looking for a variety of fresh drinks that are trending. Therefore, this one business opportunity is worthy of you to try, for example by providing a variety of coffee and non-coffee drinks that are much favored by millennials. In addition, you can also sell a variety of packaged drinks and various snacks as a complement.

At present, the amount of capital is not an obstacle for you to start opening your own business. Moreover, you can also use the Cashlez application that is free of subscription fees to make it easier for you to serve customers with various non-cash payment options!

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