Have you ever wondered what you exactly want to do in your life? Finding our own paths isn’t always straight as it could also return to something. For Erwin Chandra, the Business Development Manager of Cashlez, it is the part of self discovery which makes us keep on track and take steps toward fulfillment.


In December 2020, Erwin, who has joined Cashlez since May 2018, decided to try another opportunity. But in just three months, he has returned to Cashlez, so we asked him, what made him change his mind?


“The decision of returning to Cashlez is based on some considerations, one of them (and maybe the main factor for me) is the opportunity to learn various things, such as how to manage the team members and the strategy paths.” -Erwin Chandra-


Even though this is a comeback, Erwin emphasized the importance of having a new spirit, new goal, and new hope to grow with other Cashlezians. Besides, joining the Cashlez team also allows Erwin to explore his ideas and thoughts. The products and services itself are hassle free and helpful for its merchants.


To discover what we want, we can start by doing enjoyable activities. Since he was in elementary school, Erwin loves playing soccer and until now, he still plays it every Friday. The other activity he loves indulged in is having sharing sessions with his students. For Erwin, in teaching classes, not only the students who learn from their tutor because their tutor also learns from the students.


Erwin has started teaching since 2011, precisely when he was a 10th grade high school student. According to Erwin, this side hustle is to increase his income and pay the school tuition, and some other necessities. But now, he still continues this hustle to spend his free time effectively.


Figuring out what’s missing in our lives makes us learn to become a stronger and independent person. In 2019, we saw Erwin’s instant messaging update about a story of a son who thanked his dad for not giving or buying him fancy things. So we also asked him, why should the young generation not rely on their parents (financially)?


“For me, it is important to not become a burden because our parents are getting older. Moreover, some parents’ jobs or businesses might have been affected by this pandemic. We should try our best to reduce their burden.


To tell the truth, when I decided to become a tutor, I also had to let go of my youth. Compared to my friends who could hang out and enjoy doing what they want, I spent my free time teaching until evening.


I used to regret my decision to become a tutor, but after that I realize that I have to be grateful because it improved my mindset and mental health, especially when I have to face challenges. Having an opportunity to help my parents is God’s blessing I am always thankful for.” -Erwin Chandra-


Erwin believes, as the young generation, we have to continue exploring our potentials and skills. There is nothing we need to be afraid to try. Back then, Erwin didn’t like being involved in sales as he had to visit and communicate with the other persons. But at the end, he enjoys becoming the BD team to learn how to think as a business owner to expand and adapt to the trend.


Thank you Erwin for sharing the view about self discovery. We sincerely welcome you aboard and wish you all the luck in this journey!

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