Since the the Covid-19 case occured in March 2020, the government has asked the public to reduce physical contact. The hashtag #DiRumahAja has been one of the things that has been aggressively informed so that people can move from home, whether for work, worship, or study. Of course, all of us who have businesses also need adjustments to remain productive even though we are not doing activities outside the home. Well, if you want to stay productive and run your business smoothly, make sure you follow the following 4 things!
1. Do your daily life as usual
To stay productive, of course you have to do your routine. It’s just that you do it in a different way. If for example you have to come meet with business partners or customers, then now you can communicate with them digitally. To discuss business with business partners, you can make a video call. Meanwhile, to transact with customers, you can provide an online platform so they can shop easily.
2. Make sure you stay relaxed
In addition to doing your daily life as usual, you also need to occasionally take time to relax. After a few hours of sitting, try to lie down and straighten your body so that the fatigue of work can be lost. If you think this is one way of lazing, you are wrong. Because in fact, relaxing your body actually helps you to stay productive and get excited about getting things done.
3. Manage your own time
Even though you remain at home, you must manage the time you have. Do not let, even your daily life becomes unbalanced because it does not distinguish between time to work and time for yourself. For example, you can monitor your business from morning to evening, while at night you use it to relax with other family members.
4. Don’t do multitasking
Some people think that they can do many things because they are at home. Of course, you must first adjust the time you have. Do not let, you actually do a lot of things and make your focus divided. So, first settle one thing, then move on to another.
During the pandemic, home is not only a place to relax, but also to contribute, both for business and for the community. Have you implemented physical distancing?


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