Have you ever been told by somebody not to try something because it would only waste your energy? Or do you sometimes hesitate to make a move and are afraid of change? Pessimistic feelings can indeed occur when we face something new or challenging. However, giving our best is better than skipping the opportunities given to us.


To reach the so-called impossible goals, you first need to switch your fixed mindset into a growth mindset. Of course, you need persistence and commitment since the process is not instant. Let’s find out how to work for our dreams and build self-trust from Ranno Mulyadi, our Business Development Executive!

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Find Out Your Why


Imagine if you’re anxious and overwhelmed, but at the same time, you also expect to achieve something you have wanted. It must be hard. To avoid this, it is necessary to figure out your motivations before you plan and pursue your wishlists. Your reasons will become your reminder, especially during hard times. The clearer your understanding of your goal is, the more profound efforts you will make.

As someone who loves to discuss with business owners and educate them about the convenience of providing payment gateway services, Ranno realizes he is passionate about the business development industry. By understanding their pain points, he can work with the whole Cashlezians to help business owners operate their day-to-day business activities more effectively.


Stop Looking Busy, Start Being Productive!


Every human has differences, such as age, race, religious beliefs, and educational background. However, we still have one similarity that can’t be reduced or increased, namely our time. Every day, humans have 24 hours.

You may struggle to manage your limited time and complete your to-do lists, so you consider yourselves busy individuals. Unfortunately, tight schedules don’t always mean that you achieve more. Instead of being busy, Ranno chooses to be productive by creating priority lists as a full-time employee, college student, and musician. On weekdays, he works at Cashlez from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM, and from Monday to Thursday evening, he continues to attend the classes. On Friday evenings and Saturdays, he plays music with his musician friends.

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Stay Humble and Curious


As mentioned before, having a growth mindset is the key to making the impossible possible. So, how can you switch your mindset? The answer is simple. It is by keeping yourselves curious to learn new things and humble to everyone.

Although Ranno becomes the person who directly approaches business owners, he emphasizes that the support from Cashlezians is essential. He really appreciates the chances to meet, share, and discuss with others. Besides enhancing his business development skills, he is also consistent in practicing musical instruments, which have been his passion since he graduated from the vocational school.


Regardless of who we are, everyone always has the option to choose improvement rather than stagnation. Remember that it always seems impossible until it is possible. Therefore, start to go ahead and never stop until you’re proud!


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