Having a lot of pressure, getting into big life changes, having anxiety about something, and being overwhelmed can lead to stress. This can be recognized through several signs, such as mood swings, a lack of motivation, and feeling nervous. The stressful situation that then occurs can have an impact, both physically and emotionally.


To deal with stress, you can try various methods, but it is highly recommended that you start with the simple ones, such as laughing. Yes, you are not lying; your laughter plays a significant role in coping with stress. Cashlez Telesales and Sales Support Fitri Fajar Ria explained how her habit of laughing helped her relieve difficulties.

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But first, acknowledge your problem


When you have to face new circumstances, you probably will wonder what you should do; so did Fitri. Joining Cashlez in September 2022, she had plenty of questions that appeared in her mind, particularly about the fintech industry, which was totally different from the industry she previously worked in. The terms MDR, acquiring, on-us, and off-us were new to Fitri. Besides, it was also important for her to learn about the product knowledge of the Cashlez’ brand. This unfamiliar situation challenged her to get out of her comfort zone.


During the stressful situation, Fitri realized that being overwhelmed would make the situation worse. To solve this, she communicated with other Cashlezians, both from her department and other departments. By listening to her challenges, Cashlezians were able to discuss and find the best solution. Fitri herself can also be more productive while having more fun at work. Of course, the progress is not instant, as she must first observe her surroundings.

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Enjoy the party; create the story


As a cheerful individual, Fitri loves telling funny stories to her colleagues. It always started out of the blue and could be anything, but mostly about her experiences. This simple habit has a significant effect on her performance and social relationships. She is able to relieve stress and become more motivated. Besides, Fitri is not the only one who loves joking. Her colleagues also often make her laugh, so that the work environment becomes more enjoyable and supportive.


Even though laughter has a positive impact on her well-being, Fitri emphasizes that we must be aware that not every situation is appropriate for making jokes. This is why being empathic is crucial, as we can put ourselves in others’ shoes. Moreover, a story that is funny for us might not be for others. Usually, Fitri and her other coworkers show their sense of humor during the break time while enjoying their meals.


Stay happy and stay healthy


As we laugh together with our loved ones, we will foster emotional connection and positive feelings. Besides, we can resolve conflicts and disagreements with others. This enables us to combat the tension and be more optimistic.


Not only our mood improves after laughing, but also our health. Those who have good humor are more likely to boost their immune systems. And not to forget, it will also keep us young!


Facing stress in every situation is inevitable, as you cannot always control what happens to you. However, the way you respond to them determines your resilience and persistence. Laughter is one of the ultimate solutions for facing distress. 


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