Nowadays, everything is digital. A simple example is when we wake up. In the past, maybe we would ask a family member for help or set an alarm clock to wake us up. But now we don’t need to do that because we already has an alarm in our smartphone.

The same is true when we seek information. In the past, people would rely on media such as newspapers, radio, and television to find out the latest news. However, nowadays, all access to information can be obtained easily with just one click.

So, what about buying and selling activities? Of course, the buying and selling process is also inseparable from the influence of the digital era which presents various conveniences for both buyers and sellers. If we forget to bring our wallet when shopping nowadays, we don’t need to worry because we can pay non-cash through a digital wallet on our Smartphone.

Well, in addition to the convenience that we can get in the digital era, we as business actors must also be ready for changes in this era. You see, if we continue to use the old way, we might actually be left behind. Therefore, let’s learn 5 skills that will support business in an all-digital era!


1. Ability to take and edit pictures

Reporting from, this year the number of internet users reached 202 million, which is 73.7% of the total Indonesian people. Therefore, it is not surprising that many business actors, including the MSME sector, also have business social media accounts. Well, to make the account even more interesting, you need to adjust the angle and lighting when you’re shooting. As for editing, start by using photo editing software or applications that have basic features such as brightness settings.


2. Story telling skills

In addition to having an online store on the website, marketplace, or social media, of course you also need additional strategy to build brand awareness for your business. There are various ways you can do it. But to keep customers interested, make sure you can promote your product in an epic way. Instead of just mentioning the name and benefits of the product, try to compose a relevant story about the relationship between what customers need and your product.


3. Doing research digitally

Because times have changed, you also need to change the way you pay attention to the tendencies of potential customers. When you want to present new products and services, for example, try to distribute questionnaires through social media about the daily problems of the audience and the solutions they need. That way, you can find out and understand, what kind of product they are looking for.


4. Digital marketing

In the digital era, content related to your business is very helpful to increase the interest of potential customers. So, in addition to managing social media accounts, also learn about the features that we can use there, such as features for advertising. Moreover, product promotions carried out on social media can be monitored for results. In addition, we can also adjust the promotion costs with our own budget.


5. Gadget mastery

Smartphones and tablets that you use every day can basically help you to do business. Starting from simple things such as finding information to serving customers through business applications. So, what if you have never tried a business application at all? Don’t worry, Cashlez App is a user friendly cashier application that makes it easier for you to enjoy its various features, from cashier features, payment options, to sales reports.


The ease of doing business in the digital era will be felt if we can use it well. Are you ready to face business in the digital age?

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