Trust belongs to one of the most important aspects in everyday life, including in running a business. What can other people expect from us if they don’t have trust in us? 


However, we also should keep in mind that trust isn’t something that can be gained instantly. We should keep making efforts and continuously improve ourselves.


How to become a trustworthy person?


So, how can we learn to build trust from others? If we look at our work lives, there is a team who can show us how to dedicate ourselves to be responsible as well as reliable. They are the customer service team.


At Cashlez, we also have Cashlez Care under the Operations Departments who handles Cashlez Merchants. There are two Cashlezians behind Cashlez Care, namely Muhammad Rakha and Annisa Ningtyastuti. Let’s hear their stories of the importance of providing reliable services through Cashlez Care!


It starts with a willingness to listen


Rakha and Nisa are responsible for handling Cashlez Merchants using various via e-mail, phone, and also WhatsApp Chat.  There are various things that the Merchants asked about, such as reader unit and transaction checking.


Of course, Rakha and Nisa who previously also worked in the customer service team know exactly what to do when they receive questions from merchants. Moreover, they also have great product knowledge from their coworkers.


However, when it comes to handling customers, it is important to listen first to the merchants’ explanation so that Rakha and Annisa can understand what the merchants need. Rakha also emphasized that “Even though we already know what to do, we should never interrupt. This shows our appreciation to them”


The qualities every customer service should never skip


In a company, the customer service team is not only important to keep the customers feeling satisfied with its products and services. This team also plays an important role in implementing the values of the company.


At Cashlez, we have TIPEC which stands for Transparency, Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence, and also Creative. Implementing the TIPEC value when handling the merchants allows the Customer Service Team to build a great reputation for the company.


“We should understand that our merchants have their own personality and traits and we should be adaptable. Always take any comments or feedback professionally and use it to improve the quality of our services,” said Annisa.


Keep ourselves enjoy the progress


As mentioned before, building trust isn’t an instant. We should be consistent with what we’re doing and also conduct regular evaluations so that we can find out what should be improved and what should be replaced.


To be reliable and trusted, there are several skills the customer service should learn, such as effective communication, adaptation, and analysis. These skills help Rakha and Nisa to find solutions quickly. Besides, the customer service can also discuss with other departments about the cases they received. 


From Rakha and Nisa, we can see the different perspective of becoming a credible team. So, what do you do to gain trust from others? Do you learn many things when building it and does it impact you positively?


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