Not only has an impact on the health aspect, the Covid-19 pandemic has a significant effect on buying and selling activities in Indonesia. Reporting from, Indonesian people’s purchasing power has decreased, making the economy run slowly.

Of course, this is very challenging for business actors to survive. One of the Cashlez Merchants, namely JG Motor, will share experiences in making various adaptations in the midst of a pandemic.

Established since October 29, 1994, JG Motor, which is an authorized Yamaha dealer, provides motorcycle unit sales, spare parts sales and motorcycle maintenance services. Of course, a type of business like JG Motor relies heavily on human interaction.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, JG motorbikes often carried out promotions and services on the spot. Some of them are providing mobile SIM at various branches of JG Motor, holding exhibitions in malls and markets, and working with factories, companies and government agencies to provide direct service.

Due to a pandemic that requires people to limit physical contact, JG Motor certainly has to change its sales and marketing strategies. Hence, JG Motor optimizes their social media to keep in touch with customers. Customers can also access information about JG Motor at

To fulfill customer demand in the new normal era, JG Motor provides Yamaha Visiting Service (SKY). Of course, this service is carried out according to the health protocol that the government calls for. So, customers can get motorbike service safely and comfortably.

To maximize services, JG Motor also provides various kinds of non-cash payments, starting from QRIS and payments using credit / debit cards. Hence, JG Motor entrusts Cashlez which makes it easier for customers to make payment transactions. Cashlez is a bridge between business actors and customers.

Business actors must be prepared to face challenges and unexpected situations, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with sincere intentions and efforts, of course there will always be solutions we can do to survive while optimizing our efforts.

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