Towards the turn of the year, business owners often pay attention to business trends and predictions. You see, just as time moves on, business trends and customer behavior can change too. To keep meeting customer needs and expectations, you have to adapt.

The adjustments you make not only aim to keep your business running smoothly, but also show customers that you are consistent in prioritizing their satisfaction. So, what kind of business adjustments do you need to implement next year? Find out the answer in the following review!

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1. Inform shipping information


Reporting from, Bank Indonesia projects transactions through e-commerce to increase by 17%. Therefore, you also need to optimize online ordering services, for example, such as notifying shipping information so that buyers can track where their ordered items are. Apart from that, you can also give promotions for free shipping costs if their transaction amount has reached a certain nominal.


2. Collaborate to optimize business


Apart from having a business plan, you also need to use business solutions so that you can manage your business more optimally. In the digital era, you can get these solutions through technology-based services, one of which is the Cashlez payment system which accepts non-cash payments, both offline and online. Each payment can later be monitored through the sales report dashboard.


3. Prioritizing a sustainable business


If in 2022 you haven’t implemented sustainable business principles, then start implementing them next year. You see, reducing the resulting carbon footprint on a business is extremely important for the environment. Not only that, businesses that apply sustainability principles will also have additional value in the eyes of their customers. One simple way that you can do is use cashless transactions in the Cashlez Payment Gateway Application and send e-receipts to the customer’s email or instant messaging.


4. Many physical shops will be opened


When the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, business people were asked to adjust their way of doing business, namely from selling offline to selling online. However, along with the pandemic recovery process, physical stores that were closed during the pandemic will reopen. This is also due to the tendency of customers who not only like to shop online, but also want to have a direct shopping experience.

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5. Shop via smart phone


You may already have an online store that makes it easier for customers to place orders. However, apart from that, you also need to understand what customer tendencies are when shopping online. Currently, the trend of online shopping via smartphones is usually found on social platforms, for example via livestream. So, you need to broadcast live and offer the products that you have. Later, customers can order the products that you previously showed.


6. Product supply chain


It is true that, the supply chain between you and suppliers has a big influence on the smooth running of business. Therefore, when there are problems, for example in the delivery process, your business can also experience disruptions which will have an impact on other aspects, such as reducing customer satisfaction levels. To overcome this problem, you can use a business solution that helps you monitor the product distribution process so that your business operations can be more efficient.


The moment of the turn of the year can be an opportunity for business people to get new inspiration. These ideas will then be implemented and make the business grow. Have you implemented a business plan based on the trends of 2023?

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