As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic does not only affect health aspects, but also other aspects such as economic aspects. Many business actors affected by this pandemic due to decreased purchasing amount of customers. However, every problem will pass, as will the Corona pandemic. Therefore, you as a business actor must continue to move forward and prepare for the post-pandemic plan. Because through proper business planning, you can find out, what are the things that you need to do and what things you need to avoid. A post-pandemic plan will also help you to resolve the difficulties that you experience during these difficult times.

The right steps you need to take

As a business actor who prioritizes safety, of course you should always be guided by the health protocol from the government. Because even though it will end, the Corona virus pandemic will certainly give us lessons to continue to prioritize cleanliness, including at the place of business. Especially if you have to always meet directly with customers, health protocols such as maintaining hand hygiene, not touching the face, and using a mask if you have to continue to do pain.

Meanwhile, you also need to make sure that every staff that works has followed the health protocol, for example, such as washing hands regularly. In addition, you also need to provide sanitary facilities, both in the form of soap and hand sanitizer. All staff members must be healthy. Therefore, it is also important to provide a body temperature check tool. In addition, you can also ask them to check their body temperature before start working. You still need to apply social restrictions, for example by adjusting the distance between one table and another table.

See business opportunities after a pandemic

After the Covid-19 pandemic ends, you will certainly get opportunities to grow your business. One way is to recruit new staff who have expertise that is appropriate to your business. Besides that, you can also bring various innovations to your customers. For example, if before the Corona pandemic you offered a variety of vegetable and fruit products, now you can also offer a variety of processed vegetable and fruit products for consumers who tend to want to be practical, but still need nutrients from both foods. In addition, you can also apply innovation to the services of your store, namely through the use of the Cashlez application which provides cashier features as well as non-cash payments. Cashlez makes it easy for your customers to choose various payment options, ranging from virtual account payments, online payments, digital payments, and payments using credit / debit cards.

In addition to new opportunities, you also need to consider the things you need to leave after this pandemic. One of them is a sales system that is managed manually and makes you always have to come to the business place to monitor transactions. Now, you can leave the habit and manage your business effectively through the Cashlez sales report feature that you can access for free after joining Cashlez Merchant. Through this feature, all sales will be recorded in real time. That way, you don’t need to spend a lot of time, even you can take your time to do other things.

The end of the Corona pandemic will certainly be what many people have been waiting for. Because after going through difficult times, there will be a variety of new things that businesses can do to develop their business while increasing customer satisfaction. So, don’t forget to start creating your business target from now on!
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