Since Cashlez was founded in 2015, we always prioritize the convenience and security of transactions for you and your customers. So in regards of COVID-19 disease in Indonesia, Cashlez supports steps in prevention efforts so that we can all continue to do our activities and stay safe. Here are some preventative steps we can take:

1. Improve hygiene
Wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly and use a mask if needed. If you or your staff are not feeling well, don’t force yourself to move outside.
2. Stay healthy
Do exercise and consumption of vegetables, fruits, and vitamins regularly to increase body immunity. In addition, you also need to avoid crowds and wear masks if you need to make physical contact.

3. Using Online Payment to minimize contact
Limiting physical contact does not mean limiting your transactions and customers. To keep your business running, you can provide Online Payment features, in the form of Cashlez Link and Virtual Account in the Cashlez Application.

Through this letter, we also want to invite you to #SalingJaga and #JanganPanik. Let’s prevent COVID-19 together by always washing hands and keeping clean!



With love,





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