Every person of course has his/her own perspective toward everyday life. This time, a tall, friendly, and hardworking person who works on the 2nd floor of Cashlez Jakarta Office, shared his insight about work life and passion. He is Theodorus Pramudya a.k.a Theo, the Telesales of Cashlez who believes that there are various motivations who drive him to improve his career. “Besides supporting my family, I also want to become independent and learn what I am interested in.


After graduating from a vocational school, Theo chose to move from his hometown in Yogyakarta to Jakarta and work there. His first workplace was located in Pluit, North Jakarta. But the high passionate Theo felt unsatisfied with his former job and decided to look for new opportunities. Then, based on the recommendation from a church community buddy, he applied to a coffee shop in West Jakarta as a barista. The interview went well, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to accept the job offer because of some reasons.


After a while, Theo got information about a telesales position from the same buddy. Then he tried to apply and was interviewed by a business development team member. “At that moment, I really did not expect anything, but surprisingly, something wonderful happened. Without any hesitation, I got an offer to join Cashlez and could start to explore new skills, abilities, and experiences.” I might still be confused when someone asked me about passion, but in my view, the most important point is to have faith in what we are doing, said Theo.


Passion is not a goal we should pursue. It is a journey we are embarking on. Haven’t found the passion yet? Never mind! Just keep going and appreciate every step you take for the better version of yourself. For Theo, regardless who we are and what things we are doing, we should be a calm, humble, and confident person so that our positive aura will be spread to our surroundings.


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