Anyone can certainly dream of starting their own business, ranging from millennial generation to retirees who want to start a new career after their work ends. There are various things that can motivate us until finally we have a strong determination to do business, one of which is passion. The passion we have often inspires us to improve. The more we deepen our passion, the more experience and knowledge we can get.

The willingness to follow passion through business has been embodied by one of the Cashlez Merchants from Makassar, namely Iswandy. Six years ago, when they were still dating, Iswandy and his wife planned to set up their own business. However, at that time they did not have an idea about what kind of business they wanted to work in. Then, came the inspiration to open a shop that provides a variety of bags and other women’s accessories because Iswandy’s wife is very passionate of the world of fashion.

The bag and accessories shop is known as LOA Bags, a name taken from the wife’s last name, Lanny Loa. Since the store was first opened, Iswandy has not denied that he had to face various challenges in doing business such as competition from competitors. However, this does not discourage Iswandy from continuing to provide the best products for his customers. For him, customer satisfaction due to quality products and competitive prices is the most important thing.
"The more we like the things we do, the easier it is for us to go through various challenges," said Iswandy.

As a businessman who provides bags and accessories, Iswandy realizes that LOA Bags must always provide the latest items. Moreover, models of bags and accessories often change according to emerging trends. At LOA Bags, we can find these bags easily, so don’t be surprised, this shop never looks empty of visitors. There are always customers who come to look for products provided by Iswandy.

LOA Bags customer satisfaction is not only due to price and product quality, but also because of the ease of conducting transactions. For Iswandy, in today’s digital era, businesses need to utilize technology in order to manage their businesses more easily. "As we know, now many customers no longer use cash because they want to transact more practically, therefore, I use Cashlez Reader Printer that can accept various debit and credit cards for my customers," said Iswandy.

Besides Cashlez Reader Printer, Iswandy also uses the Cashlez application which can be downloaded via the App Store and Play Store. After making a complete registration as a Cashlez Merchant, we can use this application to accept various digital payments, such as LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo. So, customers do not need to cancel the transaction if, for example, they forget to bring their wallet. Enough with the money from their digital wallet, bags from LOA Bags can already be obtained.

From the seller’s side, Cashlez also provides various benefits, one of which is the ease of accessing sales reports anytime, anywhere. Before using Cashlez, Iswandy found it difficult because he had to check the income that entered manually in different accounts. However, since becoming a Cashlez Merchant, all transactions in LOA Bags have been automatically recapitulated and can be on the sales dashboard. He can also find out, which type of product is the most preferred by his customers?

Do you have a passion that has the potential to become a business opportunity? Don’t hesitate to realize your dream and make Cashlez your trusted partner!


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