Since a few weeks ago, the Corona Virus pandemic caused us to need to implement social distancing. Therefore, businesses need to provide a food delivery system. This is very helpful for your customers who are active at home. Moreover, not everyone has time to provide their own food. Now, through the delivery service, you can help them to get the menus they want easily.
In general, there are not a few culinary entrepreneurs who already provide delivery services. However, you also need to make certain things before you start offering delivery services. One of them is conducting research on customers to estimate how many of your customers need delivery services. In addition, you also need to think about whether the service will be managed by yourself or you will ask for the help of a third party as a courier who sends your order to the customer.
After you consider everything in the delivery service, you can start providing this service. Make sure you always provide promotions to customers related to delivery services, for example through product packaging, banners, and information on your business social media accounts. Basically, it is not only your customers who are helped through this delivery system, but also yourself as a business actor. There are many potential new customers that you previously had difficulty getting. But thanks to the ease of delivery of food, they can easily order the food and drinks that you serve.
In terms of business operations, you also need to provide delivery service. Some mandatory items are disposable cutlery, food containers, and special containers that can be used to deliver food. In addition, you also need to provide proof of payment that can be easily accessed by customers. Because if you only rely on proof of paper payments, of course the evidence could be lost. Meanwhile, if you use digital proof of payment in the Cashlez Application, your customers can find out the details of the purchase practically.
Providing a delivery system requires preparation because there are a number of things to consider, such as food delivery. Have you provided a delivery system?



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