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Along with the times, business trends will change. Therefore, business owners must be proactive to these changes if they do not want their business to be out of date. However, there are also businesses that are no longer in line with current market trends. As a result, these businesses are now rarely found or even disappeared. So, what are some examples? If you’re a 90s kid, surely you’re familiar with the following 7 popular businesses!


1. Wartel

In the past, although long-distance communication was already possible, not everyone had a mobile phone. Hence, the warung telepon, aka the Call Shop, is one of the most sought after business opportunities. Through Wartel services, people can connect with their relatives or friends. When you come to the Wartel, you can enter the Public Talk Room (KBU) and use the telephone to contact the person you want to go to.


2. Internet Cafe

In addition to the Telecommunications Shop, the Warnet (Internet Cafe) business also became a trend in the 2000s. The reason is, at that time, internet access was not as much as it is today. There were various activities that could be done at the internet cafe, ranging from playing games, doing research, looking for information, to doing assignments. Meanwhile, internet cafe staf  also provided snacks and drinks that visitors could buy. So, what did you used go to the internet cafe for? Did you also eat here, too?


3. Playstation rental

Who was a gamer as a child? If you are one of them, you must be familiar with this one business. Yup, with an open space at home or shop, television, PlayStation, and a few chairs, this business can be started. Of course, visitors to this business usually come from small children to teenagers. PlayStation rental owners usually also provide a variety of games that visitors can choose from and rent for a few hours.


4. VCD rental

Well, if this one business is usually targeted by film lovers. You see, they can watch their favorite movies at home at an affordable price. Because this business provides VCD loan services, the system is similar to when we borrow books at the library. So, the VCD rental owner will give visitors a loan list card. The card contains the type of VCD, the date of borrowing, and the date of return.


5. Fax

In addition to telephones, fax machines have also become one of the tools that people rely on to communicate. Through this machine, the sender can load documents in the feeder section of the fax machine. After that, the sender can dial the phone number of the fax machine he/she is going to. If the sending fax machine is connected to the destination fax machine, the receiving fax machine can copy a document exactly and print it.


6. Sweets Candy

Sweet food lovers must be familiar with this type of food business. Yup, especially if it’s not candy canes which are usually sold by traveling vendors and are available in two color choices, orange and green. Of course, the customers are mostly children. You see, in addition to the sweet taste, candy candy sellers also provide various forms of candy, ranging from flower shapes, cars, to various animal shapes.


7. Stamps

In the old days, we had to use postage stamps to send letters at the post office. You see, stamps are official documents that indicate that we have paid the cost of sending documents. Moreover, stamps also contain information about the country of issue, year of issue, and a certain nominal value. Well, it turns out that apart from being used as a means of paying for documents, stamps were also often used as a business opportunity for collectors! Usually, the stamps that are traded are unique stamps or stamps from various countries.


Well, in addition to making you nostalgic, you can certainly better understand how the developments of the times have a big influence on business trends. Therefore, make sure to always follow the developments of the current era, for example through the use of digital payment options from Cashlez!


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