Do you know that Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises aka MSMEs have an important role as one of the drivers of the economy in Indonesia? Reporting from, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that in 2020, the number of MSME players will reach around 64 million of the total operating businesses. Unfortunately, during this pandemic, not a few business actors were affected, namely around 30%. Even so, 50-70% of business actors still try to bring creative innovations to their business.


Meanwhile, quoted from, the trend of digitization has experienced significant developments during the pandemic. This is because transactions in e-commerce in the second quarter of 2020 rose by nearly 40%, to 383 million compared to the previous quarter. This shows the increasing enthusiasm of the public towards online shopping trends. For that, MSME players also need to turn to the digital world to create new opportunities.


Even though in the current era there are many opportunities to go digital, MSMEs in Indonesia still have difficulty entering digitalization. This is apparently due to the lack of digital literacy among MSME actors. So, what is meant by digital literacy and what is its role for the world of entrepreneurs? Check out the explanation through the following reviews!


What is digital literacy?

Basically, digital literacy relates to the skills you have for everyday activities, such as studying and working. Within the realm of society, of course digital literacy is very much needed. You see, you have to communicate effectively and access information appropriately and quickly through digital technology such as internet platforms, mobile devices, and social media.


Why do you need digital literacy?

As we know, at this time, there is a lot of information available. However, as a smart business actor, you certainly have to be selective in accessing information. Therefore digital literacy is needed so that you can develop critical thinking skills. Apart from being able to access and evaluate information, digital literacy will also help you to communicate efficiently with other parties. Through proper communication, you can express opinions, ask questions, respect others, and build trust with the people around you.


Growing digital literacy for business needs

As well as language skills, the skills needed by business operators today also need to be trained. Following are the basic abilities that MSME players can set so they can go digital.


1. Basic computer skills

In the 2000s, maybe the use of computers was not as popular as it is now. However, nowadays the ability to use computers is one of the most common abilities. So, start learning to write e-mails and use basic software to get used to yourself.


2. Ability to use advanced applications / software

To master this one skill, it doesn’t mean you have to be an expert. What is important, you have the will to learn. Moreover, nowadays computer applications and software are also designed to make it easier for users, for example, like the Cashlez App, which makes it easier for you to provide cashier features and accept various non-cash payment options.


3. Online security

Just as you maintain car safety by ensuring that the car is locked, you also need to ensure safety digitally. Keep your personal information from being misused by irresponsible parties. These data, for example, are in the form of CVV numbers, PINs, and OTP codes.


4. Evaluate content

As we know, nowadays businesses also need to rely on digital platforms to offer products and services to their customers. For that, usually a business will have its own social media account that contains content about their products and customers. But to make it, you need to be careful and make sure that the content is in accordance with what your audience expects.


MSMEs as one of the driving forces of the economy have great potential for Indonesia. Therefore, it is very important to foster digital literacy among MSME players.

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