As a millenial, Youngky Pratama thinks that a job should be an opportunity for someone to learn and grow. So when he is looking for it, he will consider the culture and products of a company carefully. He finally found Cashlez, a start-up company which offers innovative products and services to help merchants running their business. This 23 year old guy decided to join there when he was a college student. At the first time, he became an intern focused on sales, but now his career continues into business development, a specialization which is both challenging and rewarding. What makes millenial like him is suitable for business development position? Here are the reasons.

As a business developer, Youngky works to grow the company’s business by attracting new potential customers and creating long term value from customers, markets, and relationships. We all know that those responsibilites are not easy things to do. He needs some skills and experiences related to marketing, business management, and sales. However, instead of seeing them as burdens, he realizes that those requirements will expand his knowledge and perfomance, especially when he is going to approach the customers.

During the working time, Youngky admitted that he doesn’t like being too strict. He tends to be as flexible as he can, but still focuses on the targets that should be accomplished. This is also one of some skills needed in business development. As it is almost impossible to get a deal overnight, someone needs to demonstrate that he can both maintain and develop relationships for a long period. In addition, being flexible is also important to respond any unexpected opportunities or changing demands.

Even tough becoming business developer makes Youngky stay rarely in the office, it doesn’t mean that he can work alone. In contrast, he requires support from any division line marketing, finance, service, and product. Outside the colleagues, he also have to convince people to be an investor or partner. Luckily, he loves to meet and interact with new people, so with his excellent communication skills, it is easy to get the opportunities for the business growth.

Outside the skills and traits he has, how about challenges he had faced? We know that the rapid pace of a start-up company could make someone get overwhelmed. Furthermore, the problems in works could be appeared anytime and anywhere. However, Youngky chooses to stay humble and not give up on what he pursues. To him, the keys to adjust the working condition are discipline and time management. These will also allow him to enjoy playing basketball, a sport he has played for 9 years, during his free time. No matter what age you are, work life balance is always necessary, isn’t it?


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