The agricultural sector not only plays an important role in fulfilling food needs, but also to increase the economic growth of a country. Therefore, it is not surprising that the government continues to support the younger generation to enter and develop various agricultural products.


Known as the generation who grew up in the technology era, millennial farmers have the potential to change the stigma of traditional agricultural businesses into agricultural businesses that are managed in a modern way and adapt to current trends.


Of course, to run an agricultural business is not an instant process. There are many things that millennials need to learn, both in terms of production, marketing, and so on. Therefore, let’s find out what are the dos and don’ts that business actors should not do!




1. Prepare a business plan


Like business actors in other fields, young entrepreneurs who focus on agriculture must also prepare a business plan that they will run. To prepare, first you have to determine in advance what goals you want to achieve, for example, such as increasing the variety of plant cultivation or increasing the number of online sales. This business plan will help you to focus on the opportunities that you must get.


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2. Monitor cash flow


To be able to run a business smoothly, you also have to ensure the smooth flow of cash in your business. Make a list of the costs that you have to spend. Meanwhile, to record income from sales of agricultural products, you can take advantage of Cashlez Reporting, a feature from Cashlez that records all payment transactions automatically.


3. Prepare a backup plan in anticipation


It is undeniable, no matter how good your business plan is, you can still face the unexpected. For example, you experience problems with the planting process due to climate change. Well, you can anticipate this beforehand by selecting the types of fruits, vegetables, or other agricultural products that you want to cultivate.






1. Not selective when having business partners


In order for your agricultural business to grow, you can start a partnership, for example with a business partner who provides agricultural seeds or an expedition service to send products ordered by customers to the destination address. Well, when you want to form a partnership, you should not be in a hurry. Consider carefully how the reputation of the partners and the contribution they can make. Well, if you want to find a trusted partner that makes it easier for you to provide various non-cash payment options, you can directly download the Cashlez Application!


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2. Busy instead of productive


You must have realized that being a business person makes you have to be ready to do many things. However, don’t let the things you do don’t have a good impact. Make sure to always prioritize, which things you should work on and which things you should put aside first.


3. Doing something in a hurry


You may think that the sooner you can do something, the better the development of your agricultural business will be. In fact, at certain times, you also need to evaluate what you have done as a reference so that your business will progress.


When you understand what things need to be done and what things should be avoided in the agricultural business, then you can develop the business you are running. Which of the dos and don’ts above have you done?

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