Norma Pawestri - Owner HaloKamu

Making the decision to open your own business is not easy. Of course, we will consider many things, such as funding, the product you want to sell, and how to promote it. One of the Cashlez merchants from Yogyakarta, Norma Pawestri or more commonly known as Fha, has also experienced the same thing.


In November 2016, Fha along with her partner, namely Nurinda Fauzia or commonly called as Chichi, established HaloKamu, a business that offers a variety of handmade products.

"When we first opened it, of course we sometimes felt not sure," said Fha.

Even so, Fha and Chihci still believe in what they have prepared and planned.


When HaloKamu first opened, Fha and Chichi offered handmade products whose designs were made of various illustrations ranging from human faces to pets. This is what according to Fha is the unique selling point of its business. Because if usually a product can be produced in large quantities, the products at HaloKamu are actually produced according to customer demand.


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"A product that is specially made will certainly be more valuable to its owner," said Fha.


In running the business, Fha shares roles with Chichi. When there is an order, Chichi will make an illustration, while Fha focuses on promoting and selling, both online and offline. According to her, the two sales methods are equally important.


Fha also often collaborates with other business actors who sell various souvenirs to leave HaloKamu products. Before the emergence of cases Covid-19 in Indonesia, Fha too often follow the bazaar while providing Cashlez Reader Non printer that is easy to carry and can accept a variety of debit and credit cards. So, Fha doesn’t need to bother thinking about what kind of payment the customer will use.


Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, of course online sales have become more dominant. Hence, HaloKamu also uses the Cashlez Link feature which can accept QRIS, OVO, and VA Permata payments. According to her, online sales also have a plus point, namely being able to reach more customers. In fact, Fha also been loh get orders from Alaska!


Feeling gambling when you want to open a business? Don’t worry ! Stay confident and creative. Moreover, we have also entered an era that relies on technology that makes it easier for us to access anything, including preparation for doing business.


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