We all still remember very well how big the economic impact was caused by the emergence of the corona pandemic. Various business sectors, especially those requiring direct interaction, experienced a significant decrease in income, one of which is the beauty sector.

Felicia Ailien Hermanto, owner of Brancheeline which is a shop that provides Eyelash & Nail Tools, revealed how the emergence of a pandemic has become a challenge for her business. This is because Felicia’s customers, who are usually salon owners, have chosen to close their business. This certainly had a significant effect on sales at Brancheeline.

Difficult times in the midst of the Corona pandemic had made Felicia think of closing her shop. However, Felicia realized that she could not give up easily. Moreover, she also had to think about the welfare of the Brancheeline staff. Therefore, Felicia decided to keep the shop open, but through a different sales method.

Online Sales as a Sales Alternative
In the past, you could say that sales at Brancheeline relied heavily on the offline system. However, due to social restrictions, many of Felicia’s customers find it difficult to come directly to the shop. Felicia directs her staff to start adapting, for example, such as creating live shopping programs, discount promos and free delivery orders.

During the pandemic, Felicia did not only hold various promos. The Cashlez Merchant who is domiciled in Bali also shows concern for her customers by providing free masks and hand sanitizers so that Brancheeline customers stay safe during their activities. According to him, at these times, the most important thing is to support each other so that we can fight together through this pandemic.

Entrepreneurial Mental and Passion to Introduce Nail Art in Bali
Since childhood, Felicia herself has had an entrepreneurial spirit. During junior high school, Felicia often helped her parents to sell cakes at school by offering it to her friends. When her parents became tenants at certain events, Felicia also helped there. At that time, Felicia and her parents were selling waffles and tea. Then when she was in high school, Felicia started to open her own business, which is a stationery business that is offered to school children. Not only that, he also had time to sell cellphone cases.

The Brancheeline business was started on Felicia’s mission to provide quality and affordable eyelash extensions. Felicia wants eyelash extension service providers, or those who are just learning to apply eyelash, to easily access tools that support their learning process. When it first opened, Felicia started an eyelash extension business in her own home. Then at the end of 2019, Felicia began to open her shop in two shop houses and provided a wide variety of beauty tools. Currently, Brancheeline’s business has also expanded into the realm of nail art.

Of course, since running Brancheeline three years ago, Felicia has had many memorable experiences. One of them was when she first held a product launching event and a nail art demo. Initially, Felicia and the team thought that there were only 20 participants who came. But apparently, the participants who came there reached 80 people. Moreover, there are not too many nail art communities in Bali. Of course, it becomes Felicia’s own satisfaction after making Brancheeline a forum to discuss nail art.

Learning from Felicia’s experience, of course we can understand that running a business is not just for the sake of profit. There are various other achievements we can do. In addition, we also need to be sensitive to what customers need in order to become superior business actors.

This priority to prioritize customer satisfaction has made Felicia entrust Cashlez to provide non-cash payment solutions. With just one tool, namely CashlezONE, which is easy to carry anywhere, Felicia can make transactions while sending proof of payment via SMS or E-mail. Not only that, the Cashlez online payment system also helps Felicia get customers outside Bali. Have you used Cashlez?

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