The collaboration between Cashlez and GoPay will also add to the number of GoPay business partners which currently has reached more than 400,000

JAKARTA, August 7, 2019 - Cashlez, an Indonesian payment aggregator company, presents GoPay as a new payment option to ease the payment of its merchants. Through this partnership, more than 6,000 Cashlez merchants will be able to receive payments with GoPay. This will also increase the number of business partners who accept GoPay as a payment method. GoPay itself is currently accepted at more than 420,000 merchants in Indonesia, 90% of which are Small Micro Medium Enterprises.
The collaboration between Cashlez and GoPay is driven by the same vision from both fintech companies to provide convenience for small and medium entrepreneurs in Indonesia by receiving payments. By synergizing Cashlez as a company that combines the cashier application system and receipt of payments with GoPay as the leading electronic money platform in Indonesia, it is expected that small entrepreneurs can have a more orderly, safer and more transparent cash flow record by utilizing digital transactions.

Teddy Tee as CEO of Cashlez said that this collaboration is a form of synergy between two fintech companies to support the acceleration of the National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT) and educate the Indonesians about the benefits of non-cash payments. "Using the same mission, we want everybody to feel the ease and benefits of this non-cash transaction, especially for business owners. "With the GoPay on the Cashlez application, we believe that more and more business people will take part in expanding non-cash in Indonesia," Teddy said.

GoPay is a strategic collaborative partner for Cashlez given the broad reach of GoPay users and making GoPay the most popular electronic money. After the three former independent studies - FT Confidential Research Mobile Payment, DailySocial and OJK, and YouGov named GoPay as the most widely used electronic money, last July, Alvara Research Center called GoPay as the digital wallet most used by millennial generation in Indonesia. With the broad reach of GoPay users, it is expected that thousands of Cashlez merchants, especially their SMEs, can reach more customers.

GoPay’s Head of Offline Payment, Ardelia Apti said, "We at GoPay always believe through collaboration with various parties who have the same vision, we can build a strong non-cash payment ecosystem in Indonesia together so that more and more Indonesians can enjoy the benefits. As the most widely used electronic money platform by the public, we hope to reach more and more small entrepreneurs and consumers so that they are increasingly accustomed to utilizing non-cash transactions. "

Cashlez itself currently has embraced businesses from various segments ranging from retail, fashion, F&B, to tourism, and has spread in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Makassar, and Medan.

Going forward, Cashlez will continue to improve its products and services and expand its network to realize its mission as "the best partner for banks / non-bank partners and the best payment solution for merchants" in achieving Cashlez’s vision to become the "Ultimate Payment Company in the Region".
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