QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) is a type of non-cash payment method that is carried out through a scan from the e-wallet or m-banking application on the cellphone. Reported from idntimes.com, as of June 2022, the volume of transactions using QRIS reached 79 million and the number of transactions exceeded Rp 9 trillion. Not surprisingly, currently there are many business actors who provide QRIS, ranging from those on the enterprise scale to the micro scale.

Although it has become one of the trends for non-cash payments in the digital era, it does not mean that the use of QRIS only provides convenience for buyers. You see, QRIS also has various conveniences for those of you who have a business. Let’s find out what conveniences you can get when using QRIS through the following review!

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1. Prioritizing service quality


Not all business owners are willing to go digital because they think that their business can be run manually. However, business owners who provide the QRIS payment method can demonstrate that they prioritize service quality and customer satisfaction. So, even if at first you are not used to using technology for business, you still show that you are professional and willing to grow.


2. Payments are easy to track


In addition to making it easier for buyers and sellers when transacting, the QRIS payment method also helps you to check sales transaction reports. For example, if you use the QRIS payment method contained in the Cashlez Application, then as soon as there is a transaction, you will receive a notification on the application. So, you no longer need to check one by one on your personal account.


3. Buyers don’t need to queue


Imagine if your store is busy and you only provide non-cash payments. Of course, you have to make your customers spend time waiting in line. You see, you have to manually calculate the amount of money given by the customer along with the amount of change they must receive. In addition, you can also experience difficulties if you run out of cash so you have to exchange money. However, you can overcome this if you use QRIS.

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4. It is universal


As we know, there are various types of e-wallet and m-banking applications that customers use when shopping. Without using QRIS, maybe you have to provide all types of e-wallet and m-banking. This will certainly be very troublesome compared to only providing one universal code and accepting payments from various digital wallets.


5. Safe and practical contactless transactions


Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of contactless transactions has increased to prevent virus transmission. This is where the role of QRIS is needed for buyers and customers who want to make transactions safely and practically. In the Cashlez Application, you can send QR codes directly through the QRIS feature to customers. So, without directly coming to the store, customers can place orders and you just need to do the delivery process via courier.


6. Using QR saves budget


As we know, the payment method via QR will make the transaction process more effective. So, indirectly, this method has also helped you to save budget. One example is the budget to provide various means of payment. Moreover, the Indonesian government also applies a very affordable fee per transaction for this feature, which is 0.7%. If you want to provide QRIS, you can directly download the Cashlez Business App and apply for the QRIS feature. After that, the Cashlez team will provide a Static QR in your store.


The QRIS payment method is one of the universal payment options because through this one code, you can accept transactions from various types of e-wallet and m-banking customers. What are you waiting for? Immediately provide QRIS NOBU for your business through the Cashlez Application!



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