Often hear the term follow your passion? Often, this term is debated because many people are wondering, whether the passion we have really can we apply to get income. Basically, every passion must have their own potential, so there will always be an opportunity to develop business with that passion. If you don’t believe, let’s look at 3 examples of passion that could be the following business opportunity!
1. Online tutors and private tutors
You who have a passion in the world of education actually have great potential to run your own business. With the ability, knowledge, and experience you have, you can offer teaching services to your target customers, such as school children or people who are preparing for certain certification exams. The good news, this effort can be done online by utilizing a video camera on a laptop. Teaching can be done directly or through documentation that was previously prepared.

2. Business consultant
Your passion in business can make you a consultant for those who don’t have enough experience in this field. You can start this business first by helping people around you, such as family members or friends. Then, also create promotional content about yourself, such as the types of consultations you want to give to customers. Don’t forget to make testimonials about consulting with previous customers.
3. Party decoration services
Preparing special moments such as bridal showers and baby showers certainly requires special expertise. Therefore, many people need a party decoration service provider so that the results are satisfying and the event becomes more memorable. You who like to decorate and prepare a party is perfect for undergoing this business. Offer a variety of interesting and current concepts that your customers can choose from. Make sources from the internet as a place to look for decoration inspiration.
To run a business, someone who has realized his passion is certainly easier to make decisions. However, this passion must also be balanced with the willingness to continue learning.

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