If you owned a business in the past, you might use a conventional cash register that helps you calculate the total purchase price and print the the receipts. But now, the cashier machine is no longer effective for your sales. Because in the midst of rapid development, you need sales features that are more than just adding up the price of goods and printing payment receipts. As a solution, you can use mPOS as a cashier system that makes it easy for you to manage your business through the following advantages.

1. Categorize all products
As a business that provides various types of products, of course you need to list what items are available at your place of business. You shouldn’t waste your time finding a product or even enter the wrong product name in the payment receipt. In the Cashlez mPOS Application, the goods and services that you sell can be categorized according to your needs. If you sell clothes, you can make a blouse, skirt, pants, etc.

2. Register customers for promotional needs
The number of customers is not something you can be sure of. However, there will always be a smart way that you can use to maintain good relations with them, namely by registering customer contacts. The payment receipt feature in the Cashlez application allows you to send e-receipts via e-mail or SMS. So when you have a promotion, you can immediately notify them.

3. Don’t waste your time and money
One of the main motivations for someone wanting to run a business is because they want to have a flexible schedule. However, what happens if you have a business instead takes a lot of your time? Certainly, you need to improve the way you manage your business so that it becomes more efficient. Cashlez provides free sales report features that are recorded in real time so you don’t have to waste time, effort, or even costs to keep books.

4. Automatically calculate goods and service taxes
The products that you sell, both in the form of goods and services can be taxed. Adding the tax amount every time there is a transaction will certainly be tiring. However, this will not be experienced by Cashlez users who can directly use the Cashlez Application to enter a large tax. Not only that, you who have a business in the field of food and beverage can also enter service rates at your place of business for visitors who enjoy food and drinks there.

The rapid development of the times makes you also have to move fast and utilize technology to support business progress. The more features you have, the more efficient your business is.
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