As an MSME actor, of course you also want to develop your business quickly. Well, the good news is, thanks to the rapid development of information technology, you can increase sales as well as brand awareness through advertising. There are various types of ads that you can use to promote your MSMEs. For example, there are digital platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Google AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, there are also other media such as TV, radio, and newspapers. Through the right advertising strategy, you can make investments whose results will increase your business. So, what types of ads can you run? Here are they!


1. Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a type of digital advertising that is popular among SMEs. You see, this one ad is quite pocket-friendly. In addition, social media advertising also allows you to customize the target audience you want. For example, if your MSME is engaged in retail, then you can target these ads based on demographics, namely potential customers who live near you.


2. Out-of-Home Advertising

Out-of-home advertising is advertising that targets people when they are outside. Some examples of out-of-home advertising are billboard advertisements, transit ads (such as those found at bus and train stops), digital signage, advertisements on street facilities, and advertisements in sports venues. Because of their strategic placement, these out-of-home ads tend to require more budget.


3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a type of advertising through an online platform that uses a pay-per-click system. So, every time a user clicks on an ad that is placed through a search engine, it will be counted as advertising costs. In pay per click advertising, the party who wants to place the ad will offer the maximum price they can pay for each click they get. Therefore, if an audience sees your ad but does not click on it, you will not be charged.


4. Print Advertising

Before the emergence of digital advertising platforms, print advertising was a type of advertising that used to be popular among small-scale business people. Now, the demand for advertising in print is likely to decline. This is due to the significant price difference between print advertising and digital advertising. In addition, the results of advertisements distributed in print also cannot be tracked as easily as advertisements placed on online platforms.


5. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a type of digital-based advertising that only appears on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile advertising can be in the form of Mobile display ads, Mobile search ads, Mobile videos, Mobile app ads that invite the audience to download the advertised application, as well as social media ads that only appear on mobile devices. Mobile advertising can be the right choice if your target customers are people who are around or under 30 years old.


6. Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast advertising is advertising that is held in mass media, such as radio and TV. However, you have to adjust the budget you have because the cost to advertise on TV is not small. To fix this, try to find local TV channels that advertise lower prices than national TV channels.


7. Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising includes all forms of advertising sent by mail, either physically or online. Some examples of direct mail advertising are brochures, catalogs, sales letters, and newsletters. Among SMEs, perhaps the way to advertise through direct mail advertising is not yet popular. However, you can run it effectively if you use attractive visuals. Moreover, this method also makes it easier for you to convey messages to prospective customers one by one.


To advertise the MSMEs that you run, you must first consider the type of advertisement as well as the budget that you will use. Approximately among the seven types of ads above, which type of ad is right for your business?

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