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In the 2000s, perhaps most of us thought that advertising, especially through electronic media, could only be done by large-scale businessmen. However, along with the development of information technology, the choice of media as well as types of advertising is also increasing. Hence, MSME actors can also start promoting their business and building brand awareness among their audience. Some examples of these ads are social media advertising, direct mail advertising, and out of home advertising. So, so that the ads that run can give maximum results, let’s take a peek at what strategies we need to do!


1. Determine who your target audience is

So that the budget you allocate for advertising can be used effectively, then you must make sure to determine the appropriate target audience. To do this, first try to create a profile of what your target customer looks like. There are several ways you can find out, from conducting surveys to existing customers (customers who have purchased your services/products) to looking for references based on information based on customer trends in your area. When you have gathered the information you need, start considering which advertising platform is suitable for your audience and business location.


2. Do it at the right time

Maybe, at this time you really don’t use the budget to constantly do advertising. However, you can still maximize your business promotion by finding out when is the best time to hold a campaign or promotion. First, learn what your business tendencies are and at any time your business experiences high demand. For example, if your business is in the fashion sector, maybe you will be busy in the times leading up to Lebaran or Christmas. When you can do promotions at this time, then you can get more opportunities to increase income.


3. Try to re-promote

In terms of advertising, especially advertising on digital platforms, you can do a strategy in the form of re-promotion. So, when you advertise and get visitor data that opens your ad, try to re-advertise them. But the difference is, this time the promotion must be more personal so that you can be closer to potential customers. That way, the promotions you do can be more relevant and are expected to help you get new customers.


4. Advertise on platforms that suit your audience

Another strategy you need to do to promote MSMEs is to research the various advertising platforms you want to use. This step is important because it can help you to know, on which platform your audience is most located. That way, the ads that you run can also target the right target customers. For example, when your target audience is the younger generation who are under 20 years old, then you can use a mobile-based advertising platform. Meanwhile, if your target is people who have high mobility, then there is nothing wrong with making advertisements posted in public places.


5. Monitor the results of your promotions

In addition to making strategies and placing ads, you also need to evaluate these ads. From here, you can learn and determine how to strategy for the future. Advertising digitally, for example through social media, will make it easier for you to measure the success of an ad. You see, there are detailed reports on the results of the ad, such as how much budget you spent, how effective the ad was, and how many people clicked on the ad.


The number of opportunities to place advertisements should be accompanied by an understanding of what types of advertisements are suitable for your MSME character. So, don’t choose the type of ad without doing any consideration!


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