A small and medium-sized micro business (UMKM) does have many challenges, especially in capital matters. Without adequate funding, it is difficult for them to be able to develop and expand business networks. If you are also one of the SMEs, you will definitely understand this condition. Therefore, try to save business costs through the following 5 ways!

1. Make use of your own place of residence
Being able to rent your own place of business is indeed very pleasant, but it is also undeniable that this requires a large fee. So, instead of renting a place of business, you can try to use your own place of residence. That way, you can allocate a supply of funds for other needs.

2. Use used equipment
Large companies in general will always renew the equipment they have. Despite the fact, the old equipment can still be used. This you can use to get equipment with minimal costs. So, try to be more active in finding opportunities to get the equipment.

3. Do cooperation with other business people
One effective way that can attract the attention of prospective customers is to do a promotion. Well, the promotion that you implement can come from working with your business partners so that both parties can both make savings. Besides getting customers, you will also expand your business network.

4. Do outsourcing
With minimal funding, MSMEs will certainly limit the amount of human resources. Therefore, the staff you employ must be able to multitask so that you are helped to manage the business. In addition to hiring staff, you can also hire a freelancer service at any time if you are running a project.

5. Use automatic sales recapitulation
Arranging all sales data conventionally will certainly have risks because errors can occur when inputting data. So, you better use the free sales report service from Cashlez that can be accessed by businesses. Whenever and wherever, you can monitor the progress of your business.

Running UMKM is indeed challenging, so you also need to be smart in making various decisions. Have you used your business expenses efficiently?

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