Some of us may believe that it is cool to do many things at the same time. Compared to others who accomplish their tasks one by one, the multitaskers will spend less time on their daily duties. However, countless studies have shown that multitasking will impact our brain and productivity. Reported from, a Stanford University Study conducted in 2009 found that multitaskers had difficulties on switching one task to another. Furthermore, based on, a study from University of London showed that the multitasker participants experienced a declined IQ.
However, we should also note that the challenge of doing multitask is ubiquitous. Whether you are a product manager, a restaurant owner, a creative designer, a teacher, or a housewife, you will have to deal with more than one task at a time. Meanwhile, today’s society also associated multitasking with working women as they usually have more things to do after their work time. Even though the truth is they just perform extra work, we asked Yolandha, the Cashlezian from Yogyakarta, who is a full timer as well as a housewife, to share her view on multitasking.
For Yolandha, when it comes to dealing with multiple tasks, we should not not do some things simultaneously, but we have to pay attention at every step of the process. To be more productive, it is important to create a to do list and devote ourselves fully to a task, without any distractions. In addition, we can also do the tasks that have similarities. In Yola’s case as a sales support, she usually helps with the administrative duties and responds for merchants’ queries. “Finish one task at once before you move to the other tasks,” said Yola.
So, paying attention to everything we do not only boost our productivity, but also our ability to adapt in every circumstance. For example, as a housewife, Yola should be able to manage her time so that she can create space between work and family. “Whether it is a housewife or a sales support, I should do my workload with responsibility. Enjoy the process, love what you do, and get your tasks completed.” Yola also believes that one should not be picky when dealing with responsibility because basically, everything we do can be a lesson for us.
Which multitask role do you usually do? Start to set times for completing your to do list. Do not forget to check and recheck your work throughout the process!
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