Customer service is one of the most important aspects of success in a business. Without a level of customer satisfaction and positive reviews, of course we cannot build a business reputation while attracting the attention of potential customers.


The importance of providing responsive customer service


It is very important for every business actor to provide customer service. However, these services do not only play a role in responding and receiving customer feedback, but also providing the most effective solutions that can help them. Therefore, when you provide customer service, also make sure to avoid the following 6 mistakes!


1. Not being proactive


As a customer service, you certainly have to respond quickly to questions asked by customers. However, also make sure not to be reactive, i.e. just answer calls and receive feedback from them, but to be proactive with customers. Use suggestions, ideas, and reviews from customers as evaluation material to improve the quality of your products and services in the future.

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2. Not recruiting a competent team


The success of the customer service team is not only determined by the strategies and procedures that you do. You see, you also have to pay attention to the team you recruit. Without having competent and experienced customer service team members in handling customer inquiries, of course you will find it difficult to provide services to increase customer satisfaction effectively.


3. Relying too much on automated systems


To provide services to customers, you can indeed use various automated systems, such as chatbots and voicebots. Features like these will make it easier for you to respond to customers quickly. However, even though there are features that help you to respond automatically, don’t rely on it too much! You see, your customers will certainly be communicating directly with you rather than just through automated services.

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4. Fail to be a good listener


When a customer asks something, you probably already know how to respond and what the answer to that question is. However, regardless of this, you must remain a customer service who listens to customer explanations, not directly provide solutions without trying to understand what they need from your products and services.


5. Not providing what customers need


Of course, your customers don’t just want to get a quick response, but also an explanation that is accurate, efficient, and helps them. Therefore, the customer service team must prioritize what customers need, not just answers to what customers ask. So, make sure you and the entire customer service team know accurate information and the ability to be good listeners. Because basically, the quality of customer service really depends on how you and your team communicate.


6. Not preparing a backup strategy


The presence of technology will indeed help you and your team’s performance in providing reliable customer service. However, have you ever considered what you should do when a critical situation arises and you can’t take advantage of the technology you normally use? Before this happens, you must have a backup strategy in place.


Recognizing mistakes that can be made by customer service not only helps you anticipate them, but also presents strategies to improve service quality and customer satisfaction. Now, apart from customer service, you can also make your business more effective by presenting Cashlez, which can accept various non-cash payment options while providing access to sales reports!


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