As a daily necessity, basic food become a popular business choice, both among MSMEs and medium-sized businesses. In general, this business does look simple because you only need to provide the same items, from rice to eggs to cooking oil. However, running a groceries business also has its own challenges, so you have to prepare yourself well through the following 3 things!
1. Do market research
As mentioned before, the nine-basic-necessity business is seen as a simple business. However, whatever type of business you run, of course you have to do market research to find out how big a business opportunity you will run. This market research can be done through several things, such as the level of competition, business location, and the tendency of people who live around the business location.
2. How much capital do you need?
After you observe the basic food business opportunities, the next thing to prepare is the capital estimate to make it easier for you to manage any business needs, from buying sales items, renting a place of business, and paying additional costs such as electricity. Remember, you can also sort out which costs and which don’t. For business payments, you can use the cashier application from Cashlez FREE which can load your sales items data so you don’t have to serve customers manually. There is e-receipt that can be sent directly via SMS, E-mail, or WhatsApp.
3. Arrange the layout of the goods
If you implement a self-service system so that your customers can collect their own items, you must pay attention to the layout of the items. This is because the layout of goods has a major influence on customer interest. And even if you don’t implement a self-service system, setting the layout of items will certainly help you to find each item easily, for example like placing heavy items underneath.
The better preparation you do, the easier it is for you to run your grocery store. Make the grocery store a convenient and practical shopping place for customers!

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