Skin health is a necessity for both men and women. The reason is, healthy skin will support one’s appearance. And to maintain healthy skin, there are a series of care products that can be used, such as lotions, toners, serums, and moisturizers.

The use of skincare is also often discussed on various online platforms such as blogs, vlogs, and social media such as Instagram. Not surprisingly, the opportunity to open a skincare business is wide open along with the increasing number of users of this product. Well, if you are interested in starting this business, let’s learn the following tips for running a skincare business!


1. Understand current trends

Before starting a business in the beauty sector, do some research first so you understand what skincare products the market needs. For example, there are some common skin problems that a person experiences, such as dull skin or acne prone skin. From this trend you can sort out the types of products that will later be offered. In addition, also recognize the current beauty trends. In 2021, there is a muted skin trend, which is skin that is not too matte, but also not too glowing.


2. Prepare your business in stages

Having limited capital doesn’t mean you can’t start a skincare business. The important thing is that the preparation is carried out in stages, for example, such as creating a business brand and looking for references to the skincare products that you will offer later.

In addition to selling skincare using a reseller system, you can also provide small packages so customers can buy tester products first. Make sure to create special social media accounts to make it easier for buyers to find product catalogs and interact directly with you.


3. Find the right business partner

As a trusted business person, you must ensure that the skincare products you sell later are original products. Therefore, choose a business partner, in this case the right skincare supplier. In addition, your business partners must also have the same vision and mission as you so that your cooperation runs smoothly.

Of course, finding the right business partner is not an instant process. However, this is where you learn how to be consistent in business. Why start so fast if you haven’t found the right one?


4. Look for opportunities to sell

Because we have now entered the digital era, selling skincare online is a must. In addition to creating social media accounts, you can also take advantage of other online platforms such as websites and marketplaces. Also create a business contact number so your customers can contact you easily. Regarding payment matters, trust the Cashlez App, which provides a variety of non-cash payments, ranging from e-wallet, Virtual Accounts, payment links, and so on. To accept payments with cards bearing the Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, GPN, and JCB logos, use the Cashlez payment machine that you can get here.


5. Work with influencers

As we know, skincare trends are often the talk of the online world. One of them is through skincare content created by influencers. This means you can also take the opportunity to market your products through endorsement services. Each influencer has different rates, depending on the service you want to use, such as feeds or Instagram stories. Before starting a collaboration, make sure the influencer builds a good interaction with his followers so that the results of posting about your product can be more satisfying.


Running a business, of course, requires careful preparation. And of course, you also have to look at the trends in the market, right!

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