Being an entrepreneur makes you inevitably have to be ready to face competition in business. Because regardless of how anti-mainstream your business is, in the end there will still be challenges that you have to go through, such as the emergence of competitors or changes in social trends. Therefore, you must also be active in finding out what kinds of innovations you can do so that your business is not left behind by current trends.


Well, one of the ways you can do to keep adapting to changes in the business world is to follow existing marketing trends. Because as we know, marketing strategy is an important factor so that you can introduce your product more effectively and reach potential buyers on a wider scale. Here are 7 marketing trends that can help you gain some insight.


1. Working closely with micro influencers

Progress in the digital era also seems to have an effect on the way we promote our business, where we can work together with micro influencers who consistently build interactions with their audiences. Moreover, the collaboration process with micro influencers is relatively easy and effective. You only need to find an Instagram profile that has 1,000 to 10,000 followers, then submit the details of the content you want to create.


2. Create shoppable content

As Instagram users, we are definitely familiar with product posts that are also equipped with price descriptions. This type of content is included in the shoppable category. Now, if you post a product description like this, you indirectly increase buyer interest!


3. Personalized advertising

Another marketing trend that we can apply is personalizing our customers. In this case, we will need customer data, both what we get from the buying process and from the online promotions that we install. Well, one of the effective ways to collect customer data is through sending digital receipts (e-receipts) on the Cashlez App.


4. Create a subscribe feature

If your product is a service, you can provide a subscription-based service. Provide several subscription options, for example, for periods of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, up to 12 months. Well, usually, the longer the subscription period, the higher the discount that customers can get.


5. Non-Targeted Advertising

Some of us may still think that an advertisement is necessarily aimed at generating sales. Therefore, the advertising creation process will be prepared according to the targets of each business actor. However, in fact there are also tablets of advertisement that are not focused on certain target customers and can increase profits as well as brand awareness.


6. Live Chat

Have you ever interacted directly with representatives from a place of business to discuss products that you are interested in? Well, you can get this opportunity through the live chat feature, aka chatbot. Through this feature, you can build interactions with customers effectively and become a responsive business actor so that you can rely on them.


7. Story feature

Several social media such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook provide story features which can only be accessed within 24 hours. In fact, this feature is also presented in instant messaging, namely WhatsApp. Even though it has a limited time duration, uploading stories turns out to be an effective medium for increasing traffic on our online store!


The rapid development of information technology also has an impact on business actors. Therefore, you also have to be ready to always make adjustments in doing business.

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