As an Indonesian, you know what’s special about this August? Absolutely right! On August 17, 2021, we will celebrate the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.

Even though the struggle for independence heroes has passed, it doesn’t mean that the struggle is no longer relevant. There are many inspirations from the independence struggle that you can apply as a business actor. Reporting from, the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture contains 4 values of struggle that you can do!


1. Unity  and integrity

Unity and integrity become some of the important values in a struggle. By prioritizing unity and integrity, we can become stronger, unlike the case if each party prioritizes its own interests. Not only that, the value of unity and integrity is also in line with the values of the Indonesian nation.

In applying unity and integrity, it does not mean that we have to have something in common. Well, when running a business, you and your colleagues may have differences of opinion. However, to achieve the same goal, of course you and your colleagues must unite and support each other. Make sure you always give each party an opportunity to express their opinion.


2. Giving without hoping for the return

During the war to fight for independence, the heroes certainly showed the importance of being willing to sacrifice without feeling self-conscious. They risk their body and soul, even their time and assets to achieve independence. Not a few fighters who have died while fighting.

Nowadays, of course, you can apply this value through contributions to society. As a business actor, you must present products and services that can solve problems in society. In addition, you can spread a positive attitude by helping parties in need, such as workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. And remember, you don’t have to expect anything from the help you provide.


3. Nationalism

Of course, the struggle of the heroes in the pre-independence period was motivated by love for Indonesia. This is what then fosters the spirit to achieve independence. In addition, love for the homeland can also be realized by appreciating culture, the environment, and other aspects related to Indonesia.

Well, in the context of business, you can do love for Indonesia in many ways. You see, business actors are indeed one of the drivers of the country’s economy. Not only that, you who provide local products can also show your potential internationally by exporting your goods to various countries.


4. Mutual understanding and respect

The freedom fighters are not people who have the same background. However, they apply an attitude of mutual understanding and respect. This is what we need to instill so that we strengthen our sense of togetherness.

In the business world this attitude can be applied in interactions, both between you and customers, staff, and business partners. When there are obstacles, be sure not to jump to conclusions. Communicate so that you and the others involved can understand each other. Not only that, this openness will also make both of you feel appreciated.


So, the struggle for independence is not only carried out by certain people. Because regardless of your role, there will always be a contribution you can make for Indonesia.


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