As an entrepreneur, you not only need to understand the basics of doing business, but also need to understand what the economic system is like in the country where you live. You see, the economic system in a country plays an important role in the way we make business decisions. Moreover, every economic actor, be it producers, consumers, or distributors, is related to one another.


What is an economic system?

Before discussing further about the economic system, of course we need to understand first, what is meant by an economic system? Reporting from, this system can be interpreted as a way to regulate economic activities within a country. Therefore, the economic system becomes an important element, both for the government and for the private sector. Through the implementation of an effective economic system, the level of welfare of the people in a country will also increase.


The economic system in Indonesia

Each country has its own economic system, including Indonesia, which implements the Pancasila economic system. Through this economic system, the community, including business actors, are encouraged to do everything based on family values and mutual cooperation. This is of course in accordance with the ideology of the Indonesian nation. In the Pancasila economic system, the Indonesian people are given the freedom to try and encourage the nation’s economy in accordance with applicable regulations.


What is the purpose and role of the Pancasila economic system?

Every economic system implemented in a country certainly has a specific purpose. Well, the Pancasila economic system implemented in Indonesia has several goals, including:

  1. Make people prosperous
  2. Growing the economy based on business activities
  3. Creating economic stability through many job opportunities
  4. Support the contribution of the economy to society
  5. Making production, consumption, and investment processes efficient and effective
  6. Consider the interests of the present and the future
  7. Creating a balance between the private sector and the public sector
  8. Support equality between communities


Meanwhile, the Pancasila economic system also has roles for the community, including those of you who go directly into the business world. Through this system, you can:

  1. Get encouragement to carry out the production process
  2. Coordinate with related parties to support your business
  3. Arrange production results to match expectations
  4. Good distribution of goods and services


How to implement the Pancasila economic system?

Now, after you understand the goals and roles that the Pancasila economic system can provide, of course you also need to know how to apply this system in daily business activities. To do so, of course we must be guided by the five precepts, namely:

1. Divinity Value

Through this precept, you are reminded to run a business without forgetting religious and ethical values.

2. Human Values

As a business actor, you must not only focus on making profits, but also practicing human values.

3. Unity Value

Upholding diversity and kinship also needs to be applied, both to business partners, customers, and staff.

4. Value of Deliberation

Give freedom of opinion to each party, in accordance with democratic principles.

5. Value of Justice

Use resources appropriately with the welfare of the people in mind.


As a vital activity in a country, economic activity certainly requires a system to ensure that everything can be done effectively. Likewise with the implementation of the Pancasila economic system which plays a role in the welfare of all people in Indonesia.

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